Tips to help you not gain weight while on vacation

Summer is a favorite season of many years, of course, since this is a period of holidays, warmth and good mood. Vacation and rest is often associated with trips to the resort - the sea, beaches, good food and high-quality service have done their job and now this is the most favorite way to have a good time during the holidays.

And so, suitcases at the ready, swimsuits purchased, and sunscreens are just waiting in the wings, only one thought overshadows - as if not to get a couple, or even a dozen extra pounds during the summer relaxation.

The fact is that the majority of modern hotels welcome their guests according to the “All inclusive” system - two cherished words that promise a sea of ​​delicious food, alcohol and no worries. On the one hand, it’s so convenient, you don’t have to fool yourself with cooking or look for a cafe where you can eat well and not too expensive, which is sometimes extremely difficult in a foreign country.

On the other hand, the permissiveness and endless abundance of food often plays a cruel joke with our tourists - all the efforts made before the holidays to keep their figure in good shape are reduced to zero.

That is why many vacationers are concerned about the question of how not to recover during the holidays? How to return from a trip with the most positive emotions and not get depressed at the sight of extra pounds on home scales? Limit yourself on vacation or do you give slack?

Even nutritionists argue that completely refusing the pleasures that are offered to you during the rest is, of course, stupid, but it's not the best solution to go into all serious ones. What then to do? Let's try to figure out how to relax in a qualitative and rich way, and, at the same time, remain content with your figure.

Why do we get better on vacation?

The main reason for gaining extra pounds remains the lack of a sense of proportion, of which most of us forget that hour, as the hotel crosses the threshold. Often, restaurants at the hotel, especially if they work on the "All Inclusive" system, besides the national cuisine, are also represented by the cuisines of other nations, each of which I would like to try on a mandatory basis.

The abundance of dishes, all sorts of baked goods, as well as constant free snacks between breakfast, lunch, dinner and even at night do not give the body how to get hungry.And the very idea that “paid for everything” pushes to try everything and as much as possible. On the side of evil is alcohol, which is also paid for along with the voucher, which means that it becomes an easy temptation not only in the evening, but even during the day or in the morning.

In addition, next to the beach and all sorts of amusements, we completely forget about the existence of sports and fitness, even despite the fact that many hotels provide a free gym with good exercise equipment and even personal trainers.

How to be?

And yet there are no hopeless situations, if you pull yourself together in time and tune in to the right rest, then you can be sure that you can have a wonderful rest by the sea and, at the same time, even lose some weight. First, try to eat right.

However strange it may sound, it is better to eat often and slightly than rarely, but in such a way that it's hard to get up from the table. Try to visit the restaurant 4-5 times a day, in this case, pay special attention to breakfast, because it is he who starts all metabolic processes in the body.

Try to eat diverse: give yourself a promise every day to try something new, or something that you really love.So, in a week or two of rest you will have time to try almost everything that is served in your hotel, but at the same time you will not overeat at one time.

As for sweet and flour - it is always served additionally at lunch, during coffee breaks and snacks, so it is better to eat an extra muffin somewhere between breakfast and lunch than to fill your stomach with everything you can in one meal.

What is there during rest? Try to lean on those products that you can not get in your home country or get it, but there they are not 100 percent so delicious - they are various exotic fruits and vegetables, seafood and fish.

It is ideal for lunch to eat a large portion of salad, which can be filled with olive oil or yogurt, and only then think about whether you want something else or not. In the evening you can pamper yourself with vegetables, fish or grilled meat, and even a glass of good alcohol.

In addition, do not forget, in order not to gain extra pounds, you also need to deal with yourself, and not lie all day on a sun lounger by the pool or the sea. After all, you have come to a new place, and it means that it will not be out of place to go on walks more often to get a better look at everything,explore the neighboring bays, go on excursions and remember that the most vivid emotions come from outdoor activities.

In addition, such a pleasant pastime also allows you to keep track of your figure. Swim more in the pool and the sea, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and also indulge yourself with trips to shops, souvenir shops and cafes, in a word, try to spend as much time as possible in motion.

If you feel that you are not able to control your appetites when driving on the "all inclusive" system, then you may want to avoid such tours, and make your choice in favor of hotels that operate on the system "Only Breakfast" or "Bed and Breakfast ».

Thus, you will not be fixated on prepaid lunches and dinners, but you will spend more time on trips and walks around the city. Most importantly - try to get the most out of the vacation, but do not get hung up on eating it to not get better.

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