Tip 2: How to move folders from drive C to drive D

You will need
  • - A computer with Windows.
Before you start transferring folders, you must close all applications that can use files from the folders you transfer. Also, make sure that drive D has enough space to save information.
If you need to transfer a regular folder, you can do it like this. Click on the desired folder with the right mouse button. A context menu appears. In this menu, select "Cut."
After that, open the disk D. Select on this disk the folder to which you will move. Right-click on it, and then select "Paste" in the context menu. The file transfer process begins. Its duration depends on the capacity.foldersand type your hardthe disk. Upon completion of the operation, the folder will be transferred to the D drive.
It is necessary to transfer the folder with documents a little differently. For owners of the Windows XP operating system, this method is suitable.Right-click on the folder "My Documents". Select "Properties". Next, go to the "Destination Folder" tab.
Then in the "Folder" field, list the new location.folders"My documents". Click "Apply". Next in the dialog box, select "Move." After that, the document folder with all its contents will be moved to the hard disk section you selected.the disk.
In the operating system of Windows 7, you can transfer the folder with documents in this way. Open drive C, then “Users”. Then open the folder that matches your account name. Further in it, right-click on "My Documents". In the context menu, select "Properties."
After that go to the tab "Location". Then, in the row that appears, list the folder with the new position on disk D and click on “Apply”. Next, in the dialog box, select "Move Information".

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