Tip 2: How to adjust the plastic window so as not to blow

You will need
  • Allen key number 4
Inspect the plastic window. Find out if the construction is skewed, whether the sash is tight to the frame. Violations in the adjustment may be caused not only by dishonesty of installers, but also by the operating conditions of the window. From prolonged use, structural elements may become loose, and the gasket may be subject to wear. Many problems, such as blowing, can be resolved only after correct diagnosis of the fault.
Adjust the window horizontally and vertically. It is performed by manipulating the top and bottom loops. To gain access to the hinges, the flap must first be opened.
Place the hex key in the corresponding hole in the top hinge. When you rotate the tool in the direction of the clockwise,the flap is attracted to the attachment point; when the key is turned in the opposite direction, the flap departs from the loop; while the opposite lower part of the window is lowered. Get the correct position of the sash.
To eliminate vertical movement of the sash, insert the hexagon into the hole in the bottom hinge. To gain access to the hole, you need to fold the protective cap located on the loop. Rotating the key in a clockwise direction, you will raise the sash, while reverse rotation will lower it.
Adjust the degree of pressure of the plastic window sash. It is performed by changing the position of eccentrics that are installed around the perimeter of the window. The function of the eccentrics is to turn the clamping pads when turning the knob, which is how the sash is fitted to the frame. To press the sash closer to the window frame, turn the eccentric clockwise. In most cases, this eliminates blowing.
Keep in mind that the tighter the flap is pressed, the faster the seal will wear. Therefore, it is recommended to use the method described above when cold weather sets in, and to return the eccentrics back to their previous position during the summer season. In this case, the window will last longer without requiring preventive maintenance.

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