Aptos threads - an innovation in cosmetology

In the pursuit of the extension of the youth of the skin of the face, should focus primarily on the degree of fading of the epidermis:

  • the presence or absence of wrinkles;
  • age spots;
  • elasticity of the skin;
  • visible age changes.

Young women tend to mask the resulting age-related deficiencies with the help of cosmetics. Ladies of elegant age often resort to the most extreme measures: the return of youth through plastic surgery. What remains to be done by those whose cosmetics are no longer able to hide age-related changes, and the use of serious methods of rejuvenation has not yet been shown? The unique technology of thread lifting of soft tissues is the best solution to preserve youth and beauty. Innovative threads made of polypropylene or polylactic acid, on their surface at a certain angle form small notches, thanks to which soft tissues will be securely fixed.

The Benefits of the Revolutionary Technique

Low-impact lifting is carried out by means of micro punches, which leave no trace behind. To ensure patient comfort, the operation is performed under local or intravenous anesthesia. There are a number of advantages that make use of Aptos threads, which are famous:

  • we diversify technologies and types, which allows us to individually approach each client and personal application to any part of the body;
  • shallow introduction to 4 mm, eliminates the risk of injury to nerve endings. In addition, after the procedure, there is no effect of the mask and effects on facial expressions;
  • security method;
  • the result of saving the result to 5 years;
  • rapid rehabilitation, the final result will be shown in a maximum of 4 weeks;
  • convenience of the procedure: the patient is in a comfortable position, usually surgery is performed lying down;
  • pre-marking the input and output of threads using a marker.

How is the operation performed?

The introduction of Aptos threads is strictly on the markup.It makes it easier to carry out the procedure of fastening the thread to the needle or cannula. Reaching the point of withdrawal, the needle is removed, and all unnecessary threads are cut off. The final stage of the procedure is the treatment of the insertion and withdrawal sites of the threads with a special antiseptic, after which the places are sealed with a medical plaster. For 20-30 minutes a cold is applied to the points of entry and exit. After the rehabilitation period, the skin of the face will for a long time please you with beauty, youth and health.

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