The seven rules of the independent traveler

At the new place you need to come before dark. If the new place to navigate during the day is not very difficult, then at night it will be almost impossible. Probably should once again remind you that a great bait for fraudsters will be a man, confusedly looking around.
You need to dress only according to the customs of the country. Before traveling to a new country, you must first familiarize yourself with her dress code. It is categorically not recommended to wear frank outfits in places where it is not an indicator of free-thinking, but, on the contrary, is an insult to public morality and an unequivocal proposal.
It is worth considering a plan "B", that is, to decide in advance what to do in the event of a robbery, blocking a credit card, loss of documents. It would be nice to stock up on an extra amount of money, carefully hiding them, let's say they can be rolled up into a tube and packed in a bottle of vitamin. It is unlikely that someone will think to look for them there.
If taxis are only licensed.On the habit of catching a passing car on the road you need to forget. This is extremely unsafe. Especially if the proposals to help with housing, show the city or a ride are very intrusive.
You should not report about the place of the stop to unfamiliar people. Why invite to yourself a person whose intentions are unknown.
You can not take food or drinks from strangers. We do not know what they really represent, so why should we try ourselves once again.
Leave expensive jewelry at home, there is no need to take them with you on a trip. Almost all guidebooks shout about this. It is not worth the risk, go traveling light.

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