The program for drying muscles for girls and men: food, exercise

Drying muscles: how to dry the muscles with diet and exercise

How to dry muscles?

More recently, only professional athletes who needed it to participate in various competitions knew about such a concept as “muscle drying”.


Now, how to dry the muscles, they say everywhere, and sometimes it comes to the fact that the information provided is not only useless, but also frankly harmful for the one who uses it.


That is why, before trying any diet or exercise, it is recommended to study this issue well.


What is muscle drying


In fact, the program for muscle drying is primarily aimed at burning excess fat and water in the body without losing muscle volume. Thus, the drying of muscles is a set of activities that include a specialized diet and intensive training, the main purpose of which is to give the muscles maximum relief.


It is worth noting that this process not only makes the muscles prominent by reducing the total amount of water in the body, but also removes a significant portion of subcutaneous fat. Despite the negative attitude to fat in the body, which has been formed recently, it is an important component of a variety of metabolic processes, so do not think that drying muscles has an extremely beneficial effect on the body.


Nutrition and diet for drying muscles


The first thing that needs to be said about the diet for drying muscles is that you cannot begin and end it abruptly, this can lead to very negative consequences for the body. At the initial stage of the diet, which lasts about 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates and, conversely, increase the amount of proteins. In fact, this stage is preparatory.


Once you have brought your diet to the level of low-carb, you can proceed directly to the drying. The first stage involves the presence in the diet of about 50-60% protein foods, 10-20% fat, and all other calories get carbohydrates. As a rule, this stage lasts from one to one and a half months, depending on the general condition of the body before drying the muscles.


Drying muscles: how to dry the muscles with diet and exercise

In the second stage, the amount of protein in the diet should be about 80%, and fat about 20%, while carbohydrates should be present at least.


The duration of the second stage directly depends on what result you expect and, not least, on the strength of your health, but it is not necessary to delay this stage in any case. The last stage lasts a maximum of a week and assumes almost completely a protein diet, with minimal fat intake.


Water in this situation is used exclusively distilled. All this is necessary in order to get rid of the "extra" water in the body. After all these stages there is a final stage, during which the use of carbohydrates is important, in order for the muscles to acquire a larger volume and relief.


Exercises for drying muscles for girls


Drying muscles for girls is not much different from a similar procedure for men. In fact, a set of exercises involves mainly working with weights. Moreover, all exercises should be performed with a minimum break and several approaches each.


In this regard, experts recommend choosing a smaller weight dumbbell than you usually use, but increase the number of repetitions in one approach up to 15-20 times.In the event that you work out in the gym, you can also ask for help from a trainer who will tell you how to dry your muscles.

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