The photographer opens the world with the outlandish fluorescent light of real flowers

Photographers are incredibly inventive and resourceful in their creative quest. Using many extraordinary techniques, they allow viewers to see the beauty of a cosmic scale in the most ordinary earthly things.

Just look at the inflorescences of ordinary meadow flowers in the photos! They shimmer in amazing lilac-coral shades, spreading out needle-stamens with shining turquoise and white balls on the endings, like unseen exotic flowers.

To achieve this amazing effect, Barrows inventively uses LED filters (365 nm) and a special lens. As the artist himself explained, he found the lens in a set for forensic photographers taking pictures from crime scenes to investigate.

Using ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the Technicolor technique, Craig shows the natural fluorescence of the flower.The ethereal aesthetics that make all parts of a flower, from pollen and petals to stamens and stems, effectively shining and shining, appear on his pictures.

To highlight and emphasize the radiance and the unusual color of fresh flowers in the ultraviolet light, Craig creates a black background. In his photographs, flowers resemble huge fantastic stars against a black sky.

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