The most spectacular images of Keira Knightley in the movies

On account of the actress, more and more roles in historical films, in which she shines in mind-blowing costumes and dresses. To Kira Knightley's Woman’s Day birthday, she gathered her most vivid images in the movies.

Kira was born in a family of lesser-known actors, and the fate of the girl was already, one might say, predetermined. Already at the age of six, Kira had her own agent, and at seven she made her debut in a small role. The first successful project of the future star can be called the film “Daughter of Robin Hood: Princess of Thieves”. With him, and began a series of roles in costumed films, which made Kyra a real celebrity. The role of Elizabeth Swann in the epic "Pirates of the Caribbean" only confirmed the success of the girl. And although Kira complained about the slimming corsets and the costumers' attempts to visually enlarge the breasts of a slim actress, Elizabeth played a decisive role in Knightley's career.

Kira was always willing to take pictures in historical films - it’s not for nothing that, while still a college student, the actress chose classical English literature and history as the object of study.Kira loves the works of Jane Austen, and before the shooting she looks through the performances, rereads the books. It is not surprising that the title of "historical actress" was fixed for Kira.

By the way, Kira played the role of Russian women three times. In Doctor Zhivago - Lara Antipova, Sabina Spielrein in the scandalous "Dangerous method" and, of course, Anna Karenina in the same film.

Keira Knightley is also in demand in the modern cinema genre, but fans are sure that the actress was simply created for a different era. Critics have noted this fact in their own way, twice nominating Cyrus for an Oscar for roles in the films Pride and Prejudice and Imitation Game. And one of the latest films, “For Once in Life”, in which Kira appeared as an aspiring singer, dreaming of success, the critics smashed to smithereens. By the way, Kira performed all the songs herself, but this did not save the girl from negative evaluations of her image. And we offer in honor of the 32nd birthday to admire the romantic aerial and extraordinarily beautiful Keira Knightley in historical images.

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