The most interesting castles in Germany

Germany is rightly called the “country of castles”, there are about 2 thousand of them here, and each is unique and original. Unfortunately, many of them could not be saved, and the merciless time almost completely destroyed these buildings. But there are those whose kinds you can enjoy in full. Today we offer you a small virtual tour.

It is impossible to divert the eye

Once in these castles, feasts and balls were arranged, they served as residences of noble families, and even served as defensive bastions.

Now many of them are equipped with museums, hotels and restaurants.

What locks do you need to see while traveling to Germany?

Neuschwanstein. King Ludwig II, who was called "crazy", began his construction in the heart of Bavaria. But the process was never over. Although this did not upset the king at all, every evening he ordered the lights in the whole castle to be lit, and admired his beauty while walking around.

Today it is the most photographed castle in the world, and it is so majestic and gorgeous that even became the prototype of the Sleeping Beauty Palace in Disneyland.

Hohenzollern. Search for a long time it does not have to, it is located only 50 km from Stuttgart. Once this place served as the residence of the Hohenzollern dynasty, who ruled from the end of the 19th century. and before the First World War. This building received its name from the eponymous hill on which it is located. The height of such a “pedestal” is as much as 855 meters, and since the hill is located at the foot of the Swabian Alps, a nebula often forms here, and clouds gather.

At such a time, the castle looks especially mysterious, as if “emerging” from the clouds. The construction was rebuilt three times, and as a result turned into a kind of representation of the knight’s castle.

Upon entering the majestic walls, tourists can enjoy the chic views of the rooms, which house the museum collections of the ruling dynasty and various valuable artifacts. All pompous and expensive - gold decor, wall paintings, antique furniture made of precious wood.

And if you visit the castle in the summer, then you’ll just get into the season of street theater performances that take place in the courtyard.

Eltz. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that during the whole period of its existence (from the beginning of the 12th century) it has never been subjected to destruction and restructuring, retaining its beauty practically in its original form,not counting the periodic renovations.

This place is the dream of many people who want to retire in the lap of nature. The structure stands on a mountain spire and is surrounded by a dense forest and a beautiful river - a real dream of a person tired of a dusty and noisy city.

By the way, the descendants of the Eltz family still live in one of the parts of the castle.

Levenburg.Of course, compared with the previous "handsome", this structure does not look so attractive, because time and external conditions significantly affected the integrity of the building. Today it looks more like an imitation of a castle surrounded by ruins, but this does not mean that such a place has no historical or aesthetic value.

The castle was built by the famous German architect at the request of King Wilhelm IX, since it was in this place that the nobleman liked to meet his mistress. After the Second World War, the structure underwent several reconstructions, since it was almost destroyed as a result of air raids, and this significantly changed its appearance.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the history of the palace, it may seem that these are ordinary ruins, but according to the original idea, the building should have been built in the form of artificial ruins.It was planned to make a dilapidated tower with a residential extension, but the architect and the main inspirer were so enthusiastic that a whole castle “grew” on the hill, which you can see in the photo.

Stolzenfels. On the left bank of the main "water artery" of Germany - the Rhine River, this palace towers. It is considered one of the classical structures of the Prussian-Rhine romantic architecture.

Several times it was rebuilt and increased in size, since it was destroyed to the last brick. Seeing both outside and inside is really what. To visit the museum is open, as well as two towers. Particular attention during the tour should be paid to the work of Hermann Stilke - a famous German artist of the Romantic era.

Hohenschwangau. It is located near the famous Neuschwanstein, so going on vacation in Bavaria, you can "kill two birds with one stone." In the middle of 19 century. The castle was the summer residence of Prince Maximilian, son of the knight-king Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Fortunately, the two world wars in no way affected the integrity of the building, and it still pleases the eye of tourists.

Among the other valuable relics, there is also a piano, played by a world-famous composer - Richard Wagner.

The majestic and beautiful castles of Germany are the true guardians of ancient history, kindly opening the curtains of their secrets to curious visitors.

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