The most interesting books in the genre of detective in 2016

If you are an avid bibliophile and adore subjects in which you have to solve complex riddles, learn the secrets of the past, anticipate the next steps of the characters, and each time exclaim: "And who is the criminal ?!" - then this article is specially for you. We have collected in one list 10 of the most interesting books in the detective genre, which appeared on sale in 2016. So, meet 10 books in the detective genre, which appeared in Russian in 2016.

"This beautiful mystery"

Louise Penny

Our top list is opened by the world's only 5-fold winner of the Agatha Christie Louise Penny Prize with another novel in which the main character, Senior Inspector Armand Gamash, will have to investigate the murder that happened not anywhere but in a secluded monastery lost in the impassable jungles of Quebec .

In this sacred place, silence always reigns, interrupted only occasionally by Gregorian chants known to the whole world as the “beautiful mystery”.The magical voices of the monks enchant everyone who was fortunate enough to hear them, and it seems that such a spiritual place is avoided by the side. However, in these sacred walls there was a murder, and Gamash is to find out which of the brothers the demon has settled in to stop him and prevent even more casualties.

"Ecumenical Conspiracy"

Tatiana Ustinova

The book includes two detectives: "The Ecumenical Conspiracy" and "Eternal Date" whose main characters are childhood friends, young Moscow intellectuals - the teacher of the French language Maroussia and the engineer Grisha, who both feel the urge to investigate.

Once our heroes went to the planetarium, where they met an unusual person - the ufologist Basalaev, who began telling terrible things about the invasion of formidable extraterrestrial beings, ready to destroy our civilization. Not giving importance to the words of a strange person, his friends parted with him, and only half an hour later found the lifeless body of Basalaev in the corridor of the planetarium. To whom did the ufologist interfere, that they so mercilessly dealt with him in a public place? Maybe the truth is aliens?

In the story “The Eternal Date”, Marusia and Grisha find themselves in the role of victims, and the villager’s neighbor suddenly opens up shooting at them. The guys were lucky, they were still alive, but the man himself dies himself in such strange circumstances that our detective-lovers are now in even greater danger.


Jean-Christophe Granger

Before the readers, the family Morvan appears: the father is a high-ranking police officer, the eldest son works under the authority of his father, the younger one is a talented financier who has contacted drugs, and the daughter is an unsuccessful actress who earns a living as prostitution. And this unusual family falls into the cycle of terrible events ...

In France, a series of strange murders are rolled, exactly the same as crimes committed 40 years ago, and the uncovered father of Morvan. The former criminal died long ago and was cremated, but his DNA is found only on the bodies of the new victims. How can this be? And who is the killer this time, and why does an unknown opponent attack the Morvan family?

"Round-the-clock book of Mr. Penumbra"

Sloan robin

A youth novel combining elements of a technotriller and a mystical detective story.

Before us opens the doors to a strange bookstore that works not only during the day but at night. At first glance, everything here seems normal, as in any similar shop. But looking closely, you notice: the elderly, eccentric owner, strange midnight visitors and distant shelves covered with age-old dust, on which are encoded books-messages that keep secrets of the past, intended only for the elect.

To solve these riddles with the help of Google, the main character, Clay Jennon, will have to work as a seller at this store, and which the owner has strictly forbidden to touch books from distant shelves. But one day, Clay will look under the forbidden cover and find himself in a whirlpool of unimaginable events ...


Helen Gremion

The novel is written by the remarkable contemporary writer Helen Gremion. For her debut book, “Someone Died of Love,” the writer received 5 literary awards in France.

In the new psychological detective story “Garsonniere” Argentina is presented to us at the end of the 80s. The wife of the famous psychoanalyst Lysander Puig is thrown out of the window of the fifth floor.The police find traces of fighting in the apartment and immediately begin to suspect her husband Vittorio. However, in the innocence of the doctor convinced his old patient Eva Maria, who is called to help him prove his innocence to the death of his wife.

"In the service of evil"

Robert Galbraith

Under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, JK Rowling is the author of the acclaimed books about Harry Potter. “In the service of evil” is the third novel of the series, where the main character is the private investigator Cormoran Strike. Judging by the numerous positive reviews and impressive sales volumes, Rowling also masterfully manages detective genre, as well as fantasy.

The plot captures the reader from the very first pages, when Strike Robin's assistant receives a mysterious package in which she discovers a cut off female leg. Cormoran has three suspects, each of whom can commit such terrible violence. While the detectives are trying to determine who it is, the mysterious villain deals new horrific blows.

"Strangers on the train"

Patricia Highsmith

In the train, meet two companions. In a casual conversation, one of them Bruno confesses to another passenger Guy that he would like to commit the perfect crime.He knows how to commit murder, so that no one could undermine. Guy is shocked to hear, and considers this idea to be just wild. The next morning he leaves the train, and yesterday's heard confession begins to seem to him only a bad dream. But the flywheel of the perfect crime is already running ...

Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on the Train debut novel was screened in 1950 by Alfred Hitchcock and later became the classic of a psychological detective story. In 2016, you can read this book in Russian.


Tess Gerritsen

Boston medical examiner Myra Isles was used to the sight of dead people, it is difficult to frighten her with something. However, now she could hardly restrain herself from screaming at the horror that had come over her. Before her lay the body of a woman who looked like her like two drops of water. Who's that girl? Why was she killed? - All these questions will have answers to Myra and her fellow police officers. The investigation of this crime is connected with the distant past, in which there were many undiscovered secrets and interesting discoveries ...

"The girl in the train"

Paul Hawkins

Rachel rides the train every morning, and when the train stops near the house number 15, she gladly sticks to the windowand observes the life of the family. Looks like they have everything that Rachel recently lost - love, harmony, happiness ...

But one day, passing by, the girl saw something strange and shocking in the courtyard of the house. It was enough for one minute - while the train was standing so that the perfect picture disappeared forever. And then it turns out that the woman from home number 15 has disappeared, and Rachel realizes that maybe she is the only one who can shed light on this mysterious disappearance.

In parallel with the release of the novel in Russian, the world premiere of the film based on the book “The Girl on the Train” is expected in 2016. Just happens a rare case - read the original and compare it with the adaptation. I wonder what will be better?


Bjork Samuel

In 2015, the novel was released in Europe and immediately became a bestseller, only in the first year it was translated into 27 languages. In 2016, you can read this book in Russian.

A 17-year-old girl disappears from the orphanage for difficult adolescents. After 3 months, she is found dead in the forest in a strange pose, lying on owl feathers, a white lily sticks out in her mouth, and a pentagram of candles is around. Investigators Holger Munch and Mia Kruger are confident that ritual murder has been committed here.After some time, an unusual video falls into the hands of detectives, which depicts the victim and the silhouette of a man dressed in a strange owl costume.

These are the books that we wanted to present to you. Excellent selection turned out! In each novel, unbridled passions boil, dark secrets emerge, horrendous crimes occur, from which you can literally feel a cold on your skin. So you, lovers of good detectives, will have something to read at your leisure and please yourself with a sentimental plot.

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