The most interesting and scary movies about ghosts

Horror films attract many, and if they are also ghost films, they simply cannot be uninteresting. And which among them are considered the best?

Top 10 most scary ghost movies:

1. "Mother". Anabel and Lucas have to face incomprehensible forces and incredible phenomena. Several years ago, under strange circumstances, their nieces disappeared in a dense forest. Surprisingly, the girls were found in an abandoned hut. They somehow lived there for five years. Now they need affection, care and love, so that the couple decide to take nieces and raise them.

But everything is not as easy as we would like. Strange events occur, which are simply impossible to explain. But soon Anabel and Lucas realize that all this is the work of the mother of the girls, who came from that world to take the daughters with them.

Spouses are trying to fight evil and save the girls, but their mother does everything to stay with the little ones and always be near them. Is it really scary and evil really loving mother?

2. "Other". During World War II, Englishwoman Grace moves with her children to a mansion located on an island off the coast of England. She is waiting for her spouse to return from the war and is trying to cope with the illness of her daughter and son. By the way, this disease is very strange. Children begin to feel worse in the sunlight. In the dark it becomes easier.

Grace turns the mansion into a ship on which the sun's rays should not fall. And the established rules help to ensure this. A woman hires three servants, as past workers strangely disappeared.

But suddenly the order in the mansion is violated, and someone constantly strives to open the curtains and doors. And the servants claim to have worked here before. What is going on in this strange place? And what can I do to bring everything back to normal?

3. "Sinister". The author of the detectives, together with his family, moves to a town where terrible events happened a year ago. He believes that approaching the epicenter of what was happening, he will be able to find out everything and solve all the riddles. The family settles in the house in which, as it turned out, all the tenants were brutally murdered. Calculate and find the offender failed.

By chance, the detective finds strange videotapes in one of the rooms, which he believes may be the key to unraveling all the secrets of this creepy house. But the man does not understand that he woke up this evil.

Strange and sometimes frightening events begin to happen, and all the members of the family suddenly began to feel that something very terrible was approaching. The whole family is waiting for troubles, from which there is practically no salvation. Will the inhabitants of the house be able to uncover the secrets of his former tenants and not become victims of terrible otherworldly forces?

4. “Horror Amityville”. In November 1974, something terrible and inexplicable happened in the small town of Amityville. In one of the houses, several people were found shot dead in their own beds. They were all members of the Defeo family. But it did not take long to search for the murderer, since Ronald DeFeo almost immediately confessed that it was he who killed his parents, as well as brothers and sisters.

But he assures that he is not guilty. Ghosts and strange voices made him commit a crime. But soon everything was forgotten, and the Lutz family moved in, hoping to live a happy life. But it was not possible for the inhabitants of the strange house, so something strange began to happen again here. One of the daughters became friends with the murdered girl Jodie DeFeo.And this is only the beginning, all the worst awaits Lutsev ahead.

5. “Ghosts in Connecticut”. This film is notable for being based on real events. The family had to move closer to the place where the hospital is located. In this clinic, Matt is being treated for cancer. Parents spend literally the last money on the treatment of their son, but doctors begin to doubt his success and correctness.

The family is constantly in a state of stress, which is exacerbated by phenomena occurring in the newly renovated house. Supernatural events make everyone think. It turns out that this place keeps terrible secrets that it is not yet possible to reveal.

Desperate family members decide to resort to church help. In addition, they decide to attract ghost hunters. But will the inhabitants of this house be able to defeat the terrible otherworldly forces?

6. “Woman in black”. The end of the XIX century. The young English lawyer Arthur Kipps leaves his four-year-old son and travels from London to a small village in which he must draw up the documents required for the sale of an old manor. Arriving at this place, Arthur realizes that something strange is happening here.

All the inhabitants of the village are very afraid of something and at the same time they carefully hide something.Kipps understands that the village is in danger and is convinced of this definitively when he sees near the local cemetery a mysterious woman in black, the appearance of which entails a number of deaths. Everyone is afraid, but Arthur decides to help the villagers and find out what is happening in this place, and what forces interfere with the lives of ordinary people.

7. The Enchantment. This film is based on real events that occurred in the life of Ed and Lorraine Warren - well-known detectives dealing with the study of supernatural events and incomprehensible phenomena. The Perron family turns to them for help: the spouses Roger and Carolyn and their five daughters. Most recently, they moved to a new home, investing almost all family savings in it.

But they didn’t manage to start a new life, as something strange and terrible was happening in the new place of residence. It becomes cold in the house, objects move and fall for no reason, and daughters see entities that scream and try to make contact. Ed and Lorraine Warren who arrived at the house understand that they are dealing with dark forces. Lorraine sees the ghosts, and Ed realizes that the voice of the wife Caroline is not recorded on tape.

8. "Darkness". After a long stay in America, the family of Regina returns to her native Spain. The family settles in an old large mansion, which was empty for several decades. The house is very old, but you can live in it. But if during the day everything is more or less normal here, then at night something inexplicable and frightening begins to happen in the walls of the building.

The father of the family, Mark, begins to behave as if someone is leading them. And his son Paul is afraid of the dark, sees in the house of ghosts and draws terrifying drawings with scenes of death.

But wife Marc Maria does not believe that something incomprehensible is happening in the mansion. Very soon there will be a solar eclipse, which can shed light on the secrets of the house, or forever plunge it into the ominous darkness.

9. "Mirrors". Ben Carson is a former policeman who was fired a year ago, accusing of killing another police officer. He was disappointed in life, addicted to alcohol, with the result that his wife left him, and the children turned away. In order not to sink to the bottom finally, Carson gets a job as a security guard at a recently burnt department store.

Recently, it was a thriving store and a true symbol of abundance, but turned into ruins.Bypassing their possessions every night, Ben begins to see in the mirrors strange images, which gradually start to frighten him. Can a former policeman understand what is happening?

10. "Ghost house on the hill". A large and sinister-looking mansion, once owned by the rich and successful textile businessman Hugh Crane, is empty for more than a century and makes everyone around whisper. According to rumors, something strange is going on in this place. And it is this house for his experiments is chosen by Dr. Marrow, who studies sleep.

He finds four volunteers suffering from insomnia. These people will have to spend a few days in a mansion. But the participants of the research do not even think that they can face something otherworldly. But they are waiting for incredible and terrifying phenomena that will turn their lives and make them shake with fear.

These were the most interesting and scary movies about ghosts.

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