The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
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They say that by the New Year, whatever you wish, everything will always happen. So we decided to guess, at first glance, the impossible - to radically update the wardrobe and fill it with original things, but not to spend a fortune. Mission Impossible? As shown by this experience, it is quite feasible, the main thing is to have patience.

Cardigan with pearl decor

Marc Jacobs can hardly be called democratic - its creations are enough to think twice before buying. Therefore, keeping in mind this cardigan with a pattern of pearls, we decided to look for a more democratic option, but the same elegant one. And found. This is a Zara cardigan with a delicate vertical pearl finish (by the way, a great option for girls of small stature: vertical lines visually pull). The composition, however, is not at all equivalent - viscose versus wool, but the price is different.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Cardigan Marc Jacobs (£ 250)Zara cardigan (2 999 rub.)

Striped shirt

And there are things for which we can not afford to pay a lot purely psychologically. Among them are basic t-shirts and shirts. A striped Mango shirt is nearly ten times cheaper than the Isabel Marant.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Shirt with stripes Isabel Marant (21 200 rub.)Mango Striped Shirt (999 rub.)

Buttoned Pencil Skirt

This skirt-pencil Altuzarra has become the object of desire of all fashionistas, it is understandable: it seems strict, but with a “peppercorn”. We found a similar, but more affordable. We recommend wearing elongated jackets (for example, double-breasted), cashmere turtlenecks or white shirts.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Pencil Skirt Altuzarra (£ 472 on discount)button-down pencil skirt Zara (3,599 rubles)

Colored boots

Maroon boots above the knee length and stretch fabric are a great solution for owners of long, slender legs and tall. In such shoes, you will become even higher, and your legs - longer. It is best to wear boots with short dresses or skirts of a “trapezium” silhouette (for example, tweed, suede or leather), with midi and light-weight dresses or pencil skirts with a slit or buttons. The trend for the boots put Demna Gvasalia, including them in the collection of Balenciaga, but in the mass market you can find similar models.

Attention! Treads are not winter, so we wear them either as a shift at work, or we move around the city exclusively by car.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Balenciaga Treads (€ 871)Zara Treads (5 599 rubles)

Camouflage Backpack

The fashionable sign of the season is to combine several trends in one thing at once. Military style is one of the most popular, which means that khaki and a protective print can be found not only on clothes (including the top one), but also on shoes, bags and other accessories. The brand of stylist Virgil Ablo (he worked with Kanye West) who broke into the fashion world not so long ago (Off-White) is already setting trends. For example, a silver down jacket immediately became a bestseller. Among our findings and new objects of desire is a roomy backpack with a protective print, to which we have found an equally interesting alternative.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Camouflage Off-White Backpack (£ 243 on discount)Tervolina backpack with camouflage print (2 990 rub.)

Moccasins with heels

Strict business dress code does not leave room for experimentation? Play with the details. For example, under the actual pantsuit this year in the cage "Prince of Wales" buy moccasins with pearls on the heel. On the one hand, black moccasins will look restrained, and on the other - original.And they will make an excellent pair of dresses and A-line skirts and midi length.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Nicholas Kirkwood moccasins (£ 521);Mango moccasins (2 999 rub.)

Evening Dress

At least one evening dress should be in the wardrobe. Not a cocktail, but an evening one - a long and rather solemn one. Ideally, black (so that accessories can be modified from time to time and it does not become familiar). At Givenchy it is just that - solemn, but moderately chaste, with an asymmetrical long sleeve. Similar can be found in Russian designers.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Givenchy Gown (£ 1,784)evening dress Elizabeth and James (11 400 rub.)

Coat fur coat

Winter is a time for warming, and the soul requires something. It is impossible not to fall in love with this Saks Potts sheepskin coat. And she has the correct length, and style, and colors. Only here the price for such a "toy" is not quite humane. The solution is to look for an alternative. And we found. In the winter collection of Mango there is just a similar coat, only the composition is artificial. It will not work in the cold, but to create an elegant image in zero degrees completely.

For those who are freezing or using public transport, a proven life hack: wear a down jacket underneath (especially a buckle on a fur coat, and will blow something) and something from cashmere.

The most important fashion purchases that do not ruin

Saks Potts Fur Coat (£ 1,071)Mango coat (4 999 rub.

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