The most fashionable skirts 2015: actual styles and colors

Any woman in a skirt will look feminine and sexy, and the whole image will become more harmonious and exciting than in pants or jeans. In the spring-summer season of 2015, skirts will become more popular than ever. Designers returned to the chanting of femininity in clothes and it was the skirt that became the symbol of the new trends of 2015.


The most fashionable skirts 2015: a review of current models

In this spring-summer season, as in 2015 as a whole, the skirt will become one of the main things in the women's wardrobe. So, this spring and summer will be especially relevant: models in vintage style, long skirts, pencil skirts, pleated models, as well as different styles of fashionable skirts with a high waist.

In the spring-summer season of 2015, fashionable floor-length skirts look very effective and feminine. Paradoxically, but despite the fact that long models are almost always present in the autumn and winter fashion collections, they are in the greatest demand during the warm season.In this spring-summer season, designers offer women to dress in light, almost weightless maxi skirts, made of silk, chiffon, tulle, light cotton.


The pencil skirt, which will be one of the main models of 2015, has an amazing ability to create the perfect silhouette for any type of figure. Choosing a skirt of this style, in the new season pay special attention to its length. In the trend, a pencil skirt is below the knee with an overstated waist.


Vintage is another trend of 2015. In particular, skirts in retrostyle of the 50s and 60s will be relevant. Particular attention should be paid to vintage models of leather and suede.


Speaking of leather models. Leather skirts will be another hit of the upcoming season. Moreover, leather models of different lengths and styles, skirts made of genuine and artificial leather, as well as models of different shades and textures will be relevant.


Fashionable skirts 2015: the most fashionable colors and prints

Fashionable colors of the skirts of the spring-summer 2015 season are also very diverse. In the trend will be: fruit, strip, abstract drawings, flowers, cell, ethnic motifs.

The wide range of colors will also be relevant. So, skirts of both classic black and bright colorful shades will become popular.And in the spring, skirts of juicy colors, for example, yellow, blue, violet, red or blue, will be more relevant. But in the summer, stylists advise choosing models with abstract and geometric prints, unusual patterns and floral motifs. As a business and evening options this season, it is preferable to choose skirts of dark shades.

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