The most fashionable coloring of spring 2017

We talk about the five most relevant types of hair coloring in the new season. In the meantime, think about what you try! 


If last year everyone went crazy with ash-pink hair, in the new season the main hit is blorange - a blend of light blonde with pink and orange. The shade is bright, but soft, with a peach shimmer. If you are not ready for radical experiments with your appearance, then blooming along the entire length of the hair is not necessary - you can limit yourself to staining the tips in the ombre technique.

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Blond hair with dark roots

One of the most popular types of coloring this year is blond hair with dark roots. It looks like you were a little late for your colorist and did not paint over the curls at the base. The difference between the color of roots and the main length can be either radical (ashen blond and dark blond), and more restrained (with a difference of just a couple of tones). One of the advantages of this type of coloring is that it visually adds volume to the hair.

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Eye of the Tiger

The technique of coloring the hair "Tiger's Eye" was inspired by a stone with a similar name, in which copper, golden and brown shades are mixed. This type of dyeing is suitable for brunettes who like warm colors. The difference between the “Tiger's eye” balanage is that the colors used are not contrasted, but only slightly different from each other.

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Honey glare

Do not confuse glare with long-gone highlighting. Unlike the second, the glare looks more natural - like in the sun you just burned a few strands. At the same time, such a simple trick will add structure and life to hair. The most advantageous honey glare, only a couple of tones different from the basic color of the hair, will look on the brown-haired ones (an ideal example is Dakota Johnson).

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Warm blond

The last few seasons in the coloring of light hair reigns cold shades. But in the spring of 2017, the situation is changing: warm, even slightly reddish and copper tones come out on top. This type of staining is especially suitable for owners of tanned (at least slightly) skin.Another note - with this color, it is desirable to keep the hair in perfect condition, as the split ends will be most noticeable.

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