The main traditions of the New Year in Germany

The main traditions of the New Year in GermanyThis holiday is probably for every person associated with magic. Each of us is waiting for pleasant surprises, fulfillment of desire and life changes for the better. Although this holiday is considered home, sometimes you want to meet him in a foreign country, plunging into another world with its habits and traditions. Christmas holidays are the most favorite holidays of the inhabitants of Germany, and therefore the Germans are preparing for them thoroughly. New Year in Germany will be remembered by you and your family forever.

Traditions of New Year's Eve in Germany

The Germans consider this holiday family and important, they honor traditions. Consider the main ones:

  • It is difficult to imagine the German New Year without decorative napkins, which are embroidered with stars, snowflakes, bells and Christmas trees. Such decorations create a special comfort in homes, raising the mood of households and their guests;
  • Germans prepare very carefully for celebrating the holiday.In anticipation of the holiday, they paint the patterns of the windows of their houses, a wreath of spruce is hung on the front door. Decorate their homes in Germany, preferably in red and angry colors, which introduces a special note of cohesion and family warmth;
  • it was in Germany that they decided to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year. In the old days, forest beauties were decorated with sweets and nuts;The main traditions of the New Year in Germany
  • before the New Year, houses are decorated with lots of lanterns here, which simply looks fabulous with the arrival of darkness;
  • on the eve of Christmas, parents present their Advent calendar to their children. There are 24 windows in this special calendar, each with a sweet gift hidden away. Advent called the expectation of the New Year, which begins on December 27;
  • during this period fairs are held in every town of the country, which can be visited by anyone. If you want to see the largest Christmas tree, then be sure to visit the Munich bazaar;
  • in December, residents of Germany celebrate St. Nicholas Day. The children hang up slippers on the door in the evening, and the next morning the children take sweets and presents from their shoes;
  • New Year's traditions in Germany have not been without culinary specialties.On the holiday table should certainly be fish dishes, preferably carp. Superstitious Germans believe that by putting in the wallet a few scales of this fish, they will thus attract material well-being;
  • Christmas holidays are associated in Germany with the season of gingerbread, for this reason the gingerbread is a symbol of Christmas.

The main traditions of the New Year in Germany

Many wonder what they are in Germany when they celebrate the new year? But indeed there is an interesting custom: when the chimes start to beat the last minute of the outgoing year, the Germans climb up on chairs or chairs and after the last blow jump down to the floor. After the chimes are broken, all the residents go out into the street, congratulating their neighbors and acquaintances on the coming year.

Today, to celebrate New Year in Germany will not be difficult. The main thing is to plan everything in advance, book flights and hotel rooms.

If you want to see a truly enchanting show, then come to Berlin. The New Year party reaches almost two kilometers, and the fire show in the night sky does not cease more than an hour.

The main traditions of the New Year in Germany

New Year in Germany is a magical time when all family members meet together at a festive table.Walking on New Year's Eve through the streets of the city, lonely and sad people will not meet on your way, because this is not just a holiday - this is a day of family unity.

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