The first teaser of Empire V was released from the book of Victor Pelevin

The vampires were so tired during the time that the “twilight saga” stretched, that we thought nothing would make us see these fanged characters on the screen again, and were mistaken. The first teaser of Empire V appeared on the Web - the film adaptation of the famous novel by Victor Pelevin about the loader Roman Shtorkin, bitten by a vampire and who became Rama II. And this is not a tearfully romantic Edward Cullen, a dream of girls under 10, agree? The events on the screen will unfold according to the book: our hero will try to understand the glamor and discourse and enter the vampire elite controlling the flow of oil, bucks and blood (oh, yes, it is more correct to call it “tasting the red liquid”). The film, if nothing changes, will be released in 2017 - so we still have time to re-read the book (well, or to discover it for the first time - if someone suddenly missed).

The human mind today is subject to three major influences. This is glamor, discourse and the so-called news.When a person is fed for a long time with advertising, expertise and the events of the day, he has a desire to be himself a brand, an expert and news. Here for this and there are latrines of the spirit, that is, Internet blogs.

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