The first teaser of "Coach" Danila Kozlovsky was released

In less than a year, we will all be surrounded by a football fever. Hot topic was picked up by Danila Kozlovsky, who plays well the role of athletes. Remember how about five years ago we were worried about the fate of “our hockey player” (“Legend No. 17”) in cinemas? So, Danila again fights for a place under the sun in a big sport. The film “Coach”, in which Kozlovsky is not only the main actor, but also a producer and director, will tell about the football player Jura Stoleshnikov, who, as they say, is largely unlucky. He does not score a decisive penalty and leaves the national team. No, the story of Jura does not end there. After all, the main thing is not victory on the field, but victory over oneself. “Many see the goal. The best are reaching it, ”we hear in the trailer.

Publication from Danilakozlovsky (@danilakozlovsky)Jul 11 ​​2017 at 4:24 PDT

You can watch the “Coach” and strengthen the morale of the fan before the World Cup from April 19, 2018. For now, look at the minute teaser.

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