The fight for perfect skin

1) First and foremost - look in your fridge. Proper balanced nutrition is a basic aspect in the battle for perfect skin. To get rid of stretch marks you need to make sure that your diet is rich in fatty acids and foods containing potassium. For example, a large amount of potassium is found in dried apricots, bananas and raisins, and fatty acids - in vegetable oil, nuts and fish of the sturgeon family. When you are sure that you have enough micronutrients and vitamins in your diet, go to item number two.
2) Sport. In addition to proper nutrition, the required load on the muscles. Rule two - keep the fabric in good shape. In order that the mood was always elevated, and stretch marks never disturbed, give the sport at least 30 minutes a day. Sign up for yoga or swimming, jogging in the park or choose any fitness program - it does not matter - move!
3) Take a look at the arsenal of cosmetics.There are salon procedures to help get rid of stretch marks, but there are those that can be done at home. The first item in skin care will be moisturizing. Run your eyes over the shelves with stretch marks creams and select one to use. Creams or gels from striae have many beneficial effects: they increase the elasticity of the skin, contribute to the production of collagen; soften and moisturize the skin, accelerate cell division.
4) Coffee. In order for coffee to cope with striae, one should not drink it, but rub it into the skin. For coffee scrub, the ideal option would be a whole-grain coffee that is not boiled and in no way soluble. Five minutes a day of massage with such a home scrub is enough. Why exactly coffee? Its main advantage is that it rarely invokes allergic reactions. Such a massage works due to exfoliation and toning of the skin. If for some reason you do not want to use such a scrub, you can do others, for example, with sea salt and honey, although it will not be as effective as the first recipe.
There are many more options, effective and amateur, but no matter what option you choose, the main thing in this business is desire and constancy.And remember that the struggle with striae is a long process that requires desire and time.

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