The brightest contemporary artists: who they are and what they do

1Artists are amazing people. At all times they admired people and could not leave anyone indifferent. They were loved and hated, admired or wanted to destroy their masterpieces, they penetrated into the souls of people with their works and deeply touched them. History has hundreds of beautiful artists who have left their mark on history.

And who are they - contemporary artists? After all, in our days enough talented and brilliant artists. Let's find out their names, as well as what they do, and what works have already been presented to the world.

№ 1. Wojciech Babski

Wojciech was born, lives and works in Poland. He received a technical education, but creativity is his real element. He is not afraid to experiment with directions and styles, he likes bright colors, but he often adds black to give the work special expressiveness.

In recent years, he has been drawing a lot of women, trying to convey to the viewer the simple feeling of a thin and distinctive female nature, using simple forms and colorful combinations of colors.Wojciech is definitely one of the brightest artists of our days, whose works are often compared with the masterpieces of Gustov Klimt.



№ 2. Warren Chang

This American artist, born in California, has a classical education at an art college and a long-term career as an illustrator-industrial designer.

Only ten years ago, in 2009, he found himself in painting. After adopting the style of the famous classic of the sixteenth century - Jan Vermeer, Warren Chang wrote portraits of people at work, as well as biographical interiors. With the help of light and shadow, the artist tries to convey to the viewer all the shades of moods and emotions inherent in the life of the characters of his card in a particular plot.



№ 3. Aurelio Bruni

This artist was born in Italy and received no art education. However, he began to paint at the age of 19 and quickly learned all the nuances of the artistic craft. His early works were closer to surrealism, but then he moved away from this direction.

Later works are symbolism and romanticism, and on harmonious canvases animated heroes interact with inanimate objects, filling the canvases with almost mystical content and exerting a hypnotic effect on the viewer.



№ 4. Alcazander Balos

This artist was born in Poland, where he began his career. He later moved to the United States and today lives and works in California. Alcassander paints his oil paintings using abstract compositions as plots.

Thus, the artist enters into communication with the viewer, as if offering him to independently find the meaning of this or that work, to fill it with his individual content. The artist uses numerous methods of painting to convey the diversity of manifestations of life.



№ 5. Alyssa Monks

Alyssa is a contemporary American artist educated in New York. At the same time, she studied painting in Florence. Her realistic paintings, in which she glorifies the beauty of the female body and conducts experiments with the variability of lines and images under the influence of water, foam, steam or glass, sometimes appear as photographs.

She is attentive to her characters and perfectly conveys the fine lines of emotions and feelings of her characters. Thanks to her canvases, the viewer gets the opportunity to take a fresh look at both the body and the soul of a person.



№ 6. Iruvan Karunakaran

Iruvan draws inspiration, strolling through the streets and various public places of his native country - India.His works are filled with life, dynamic and bright, like the people he meets.

He does not need to invent subjects for his paintings - only to notice and subtly convey. And, looking at his colorful characters, carnival of shades, you realize that the artist is doing an excellent job with his task. He is definitely one of the talented contemporary artists.



These were the brightest artists of our time. Perhaps their work through many tens and hundreds of years will also adorn pages of books on art. And how do you like their creations? Share your impressions in the comments and do not forget to show this article to your friends!

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