The best TV shows of the 90s

Oh, those 90s! It seems that then there were no rules at all, everyone did what they wanted, wore what they wanted and were free in their convictions. And which then filmed the series ... It's just unbelievable! Many of them still want to revise again and again. Nostalgic and remember the American TV shows, from which every teenager was delighted. Just do not say that you did not watch anything from our review - we won’t believe it!

Friends, 1994–2004

Ten seasons, mind-blowing humor, life situations, six best friends, a hypnotizing soundtrack I'll be there for you and such a familiar apartment at 90 Bedford Street ... Why are only the dialogues that have long been snapped up for quotes. The series began in 1994 and lasted for ten years, and its ratings did not fall. The series ended on a logical and rather sad note: friends parted ways ... It is interesting that only Jennifer Aniston’s career went uphill. The rest were content with small roles in films and TV shows. “Friends” is a whole epoch, one of the best comedy series of all time during the existence of cinema, marked by a number of prestigious awards, including “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”.

Beverly Hills, 90210, 1990–2000

Just like Friends, the youth series Beverly Hills, 90210 held afloat for ten years. During this time, the main characters managed to turn from spoiled golden schoolchildren into adult independent personalities who rethought their lives. They were friends, fell in love, made mistakes, fought, quarreled, put up, had fun, joked, experienced, suffered, lost ... In general, lived a real life that was not so carefree. For ten seasons, the main characters have changed. So, the very first series left Shannon Doherty (Brenda Walsh), who did not get along with the team and the crew. Then, on the sly, the actors left the show themselves to continue their independent careers.

"Xena is the warrior queen", 1995–2001

Here everything is mixed up: myths, legends, tales, Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, Egyptian gods. This makes the series so interesting, and the main characters, Xena and Gabrielle, have won the hearts with their strength, courage, mind and deeds. Yes, even in the past, Xena was a ruthless killer with an invincible army that crushed everything around and did not know pity ... But the warrior reconsidered her behavior and decided to take the path of good, to protect the weak and fight evil.From series to series, Xena and her faithful companion Gabriel helped ordinary mortals, defeated demons, tyrants and robbers, restoring justice.

"Amazing wanderings of Hercules", 1995-1999

The plot echoes the "Xena - warrior queen." Although it echoes: Hercules appeared earlier (as a series), and the warrior queen first appeared here and had to die three series later, but the audience liked the character so much that the creators had to make a separate series about Xena. In "The Amazing Wanderings of Hercules" the plot revolves around Hercules (oddly enough), there are also involved gods, myths, legends, legends. He also helps the weak, fights against evil and bandits. Hercules has a good friend Iolaus, who always gets into trouble. Here the tandem of the main characters is very well chosen, the landscapes are just a sight for sore eyes (still, the series was filmed in New Zealand), special effects are also at the level, a thoughtful plot and sparkling humor.

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer", 1997-2003

This series is a vampire classic. We think we will not be mistaken if we assume that it was he who initiated the cinematic era of scenarios, when an ordinary girl falls in love with a handsome vampire.It successfully combines drama, humor, horror, mysticism, teenage problems, the atmosphere and actors. The latter so generally got used to their characters, that they really sympathize and experience. In the center of the plot is a 16-year-old girl, Buffy Summers, who is endowed with supernatural abilities to fight evil spirits. For seven seasons, she successfully coped with her main task. But Buffy is not alone, she has a mentor, school librarian Rupert Giles, and true friends - Willow, Zender, Giles, Cordelia, Anya, Tara, Angel.

"Sabrina is a little witch", 1996–2003

Very kind sitok, where there is not a drop of black magic. Nobody fights with demons, there are no kills of innocent people either, just like bloody scenes. But humor over the edge. It looks like Sabrina Spelmen is an ordinary schoolgirl with her own problems and problems. She is not popular in school, she lives with two eccentric aunts Hilda and Zelda, as well as a cat, Salem. On the day of her 16th birthday (I wonder why, in every mystical film, the main characters acquire superpowers at the age of 16?), The girl finds out that she is a witch and knows how to conjure.But this is not the main shock ... It turns out that her beloved cat is a former invader of the world and a villain, whom the Council of magicians imprisoned for a hundred years in the skin of a cat. In addition, he knows how to talk. From the series to the series, Sabrina will use magic to help friends, and for personal gain, because of what falls into comical situations, from which you have to extricate yourself. The series ended after seven seasons on a rather positive note: Sabrina married her first love - Harvey.

Flipper 1995-2000

This is a series about the adventures of the smart dolphin Flipper, who is always ready to help his fellow friends. He constantly rescues them from various troubles, each time showing his devotion, love and friendship. The series begins with how the teenager Mike has to move with his mother to a small island. The guy is clearly upset: he had to give up friends and the usual life, and there was almost no entertainment on the island, as he might have thought. Only the island accepted the new inhabitants very friendly, the people here are quite kind, albeit peculiar. One day, Mike meets a sweet girl Maya and meets a dolphin ... There are a lot of beautiful and incredible sea shots in the series, showing the magical water world with all its flora and fauna.Just for the sake of these amazing shots I want to watch the show over and over again.

“Wonders of Science”, 1994–1998

The American television series, based on the movie of the same name, was one of the most extraordinary television projects of the 90s. He combined science, comedy, typical teenage problems ... The plot revolves around two unlucky friends - the silly Harry Wallace and the “computer genius” White Donnelly. In order to somehow solve their problems, the guys create a cyber war ... Her name is Lisa, she is perfect in all respects, moreover, she can fulfill any desires (and not three, like a genie, but as much as you please). In each episode, Harry and White will get into ridiculous situations and find out the price of their desires ...

Charmed, 1998–2006

For teenage girls it was not just a series - it was almost the meaning of life. Everyone was eagerly awaited, ran home from a walk, even if the parents allowed to walk until 21:00 ... He was not like any other television project, so he chained himself to as many as eight seasons, although gradually the ratings dropped and the series had to close on a logical note. In the center of the story are three sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe.After returning to the house of their childhood after the death of their grandmother, they restore their “balance” and acquire magical powers. Now the sisters Hollivel will have to fight evil, save the innocent, and try to live their normal lives. The series is awesome, it was impossible not to watch it, and the game of the main characters is just fascinating ...

“Harry and Henderson”, 1991–1993

Easy, family, comedy - this is how you can describe this series. It can be compared only with the “Alpha”, which was at the peak of its popularity in the distant 80s. Someone gets dogs, someone - cats, hamsters, fish, and the Henderson family decided to shelter in this house a real snowman named Harry. Now the main problem of the family is not how to feed the two-meter hairy "monster", which turns out to be very kind and good, but how to hide it from the authorities, neighbors and

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