The best haircuts that go to women after 40

  • Anonymous

    Hairstyles monotonous!

  • Elena Aleksandrovna Solovyova

    did not like one. Or straight hair or shaggy head

  • Anonymous

    It seems that women over 50

  • Anonymous

    Sadness is sad ...

  • Anikea

    So where are the haircuts of medium length, if almost everything is short?
    Do not listen to unknown advisers! Look at the actresses, look for your type and be critical of your appearance: in most cases, after 50, the neck, cheeks, forehead, and ears are sad and you don’t need to open them. Look at Aunt Monica Bellucci - the sixth dozen, and hairstyle, as in his youth - long dark hair, no "burnt hair" and so on. Labuda, as much as possible closed forehead, cheeks, neck.

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