The best Christmas and New Year cartoons

New Year and Christmas are perhaps the two brightest and most beloved children's holidays, and it’s not just the gifts and their quantity, but the overall atmosphere of joy and magic.

Parents are in a good mood, everyone is preparing for a future event, a beautiful Christmas tree with multicolored lights settles at home, under which long-awaited surprises, plenty of delicacies and delicacies are sure to be found, and New Year's TV shows among which are favorite holiday cartoons.

Real fairy tale

In these bright and colorful sketches, good always triumphs over evil, fairy-tale characters necessarily find a way out of difficult situations, and incredible stories, full of exciting adventures, always come to a positive fairy-tale ending.

Cartoons about the winter holidays with great pleasure to watch, both children and their parents, because they are well charged with the right mood and create a pleasant atmosphere.We decided to give to your attention the best cartoons about Christmas and New Year, which, in our opinion, are worth your attention, as well as the attention of your children, because in addition to a good mood, there is always something to learn - kindness, loyalty, courage and other positive things qualities.


Perhaps, most of them you already had time to see, because they became a kind of classic of animated films, however, it is never too late to once again remind and reconsider, and some for the first time.

“The Adventures of Rudolph the Fawn”, 1984, USA.

An old, but very kind cartoon about a special Rudolph deer, who was born unusual - with a bright red nose. Everything would be fine, but due to the fact that the baby was not like the others, they did not want to take him into the game, they were teased and offended.

The Adventures of Rudolph the Reindeer

But any fairy tale should have a good end: one day, on Christmas night, a strong snowstorm and a wise Santa rose, in order not to get lost in bad weather, asked Rudolph to lead the team, lighting the whole way. Now an unusual little deer is a great fellow, he is the best!

Mickey: Once Upon a Christmas, 1999, USA.

Famous Disney characters Mickey, Mini,and their best friends, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and Daisy, gather together in one friendly company to tell their stories about the magic power of Christmas.

Mickey: Once on Christmas

A couple of Mini and Miki will share their story about how they decided to celebrate the most unforgettable Christmas in their lives, Goofy will tell about their incredible Christmas adventures, and the famous nephews of Donald Duck will remember the time when they daydream of the holiday, and also about what it eventually led to.

Interesting stories of Disney's favorite characters will surely please the children, and the colorful pictures of the cartoon will surely tune in to the Christmas mood.

“The Secret Service of Santa Claus”, 2011, United States, United Kingdom.

Another Christmas cartoon creation, which will slightly open a new portion of the sacraments, which are surrounded by all the Christmas holidays. Namely: how can a single, albeit magical, person deliver gifts to all the children on our planet? After all, this is unreal!

Santa Claus Secret Service

But for the secret service of Santa, under whose leadership a huge number of elves work, who with incredible dexterity descend onto our roofs and arrange all the necessary presents with the speed of light.

In order to achieve this effect, Santa Claus has an entire complex system, as well as an ultramodern watchdog, a mixture of aircraft and classic sledding with deer. But, what to do if the canoe suddenly broke down? We look and we are surprised.

“Save Santa”, 2013, United States, United Kingdom.

A new cartoon that reveals to the audience an old, but always interesting, script: there are classic villains who are trying to reveal the secret of Santa Claus, namely, how he manages to offend nobody overnight and bring everything by gift. To do this, they even dare to kidnap Santa to thwart the looming feast.

Save santa

But there is also a kind and slightly carefree elf Bernard, who dreams of helping Santa create gifts, but still works in the stall of Christmas deer. Will a good and faithful elf to save Santa and the holiday - see for yourself!

The Nutcracker, 1973, the USSR.

Well, what a New Year without old and favorite Soviet cartoons? Always kind and enlightening, bright and cognitive, they are loved by both young children and their adult parents, because, thanks to each familiar character, we return to our own carefree childhood every time.


The Nutcracker is one of the best Soviet cartoons about the New Year, a beautiful and touching story about how a simple girl managed to help the enchanted prince defeat a mouse crawl and turn back into a young youth.

“Santa Claus and Summer”, 1969, USSR.

Have you ever thought about the fact that Grandfather Frost never saw a real summer? All the year he works on creating gifts for kids, and on New Year he tries to keep up everywhere, so as not to leave anyone offended, but, behold, he has one dream - to see the summer at least with one eye

Santa Claus and summer

In this case, he will surely be helped by the guys, who in the same way also dream to please the winter wizard with a warm sun, green grass and colorful butterflies.

“Winter in Prostokvashino”, 1984, USSR.

The adventures of Uncle Fyodor and his friends continue, only now the cat Matroskin and Sharik had a falling out, because one of them, in the midst of a cold winter, didn’t come up with the most reasonable idea - to buy sneakers. No one knows what would end the quarrel of two friends, if not for Uncle Fedor, who, together with his father, decide to visit the village in the New Year.


"Moroz Ivanovich", 1984, USSR.

Colorful cartoon based on Russian folk tales. Once there was a grandmother with two granddaughters in the village: one was hard-working, and the other was constantly lazy, and lay on the stove. Once it happened that two sisters got into the house of Moroz Ivanovich, who gave them some simple tasks. Depending on how the girls coped with them, each was rewarded on merit - someone got a warm fur coat, and someone - an ice necklace.

Moroz Ivanovich

"Snowman-mailer", 1995, USSR.

It also happens that the Christmas tree does not settle in every house, but the guys do not want to give up and decide to write a letter to Santa Claus, which, at their request, should be delivered by a co-ed snowman-mailer. The good-natured postman and his puppy Druzhok go on a trip to the Magic Forest, where they are in danger, but after all, the New Year is a time of magic and miracles, and that means the guys will soon wait for what they want.

Snowman mailer

Let these cartoons give you a New Year's mood.

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