What is the treatment for flu?

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    February 5th at 7:51 am |

    Reaferon-Lipint I drink with the flu, it helps me a lot. He writes out the therapist. Besides, I don’t drink anything, the temperature drops on the second day of his appointment. I strip my throat with chamomile and chlorhexidine. From Kmshlya I drink milk with honey and butter. A lot of liquids, citrus, and ginger.

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    January 16 at 1:05 pm |

    I have already noticed on my own that any drug (from symptoms) works better on the background of taking Kagocel. It works well in the complex, so recovery occurs much faster, 3-4 days a day, and if you drink at the first symptoms, then even faster, and sometimes it does not even reach the stage of full-fledged disease.

  • AvatarMartha

    January 15th at 4:42 pm |

    In the first few days, after getting sick with the flu, a person must comply with bed rest and drink plenty of warm liquid to relieve intoxication. To quickly deal with the flu, you need to take ascorbic and vitamin complex, this will allow the immune system to work more powerfully. In addition, vasodilating agents are used to facilitate breathing; to reduce heat - koldreks, paracetamol, panadol; for cough - chest collection, bronholitin, pertussin, bromhexin.In general, the drug range is huge, each tool has its pros and cons, its nuances, so it's best to call a doctor and adhere to the prescribed treatment regimen.

  • AvatarViolla

    January 15 at 15:22 |

    I drink according to the standard - kagotsel, paracetamol (if the temperature is above 38.5), and according to circumstances - from cough, from a cold, from a throat. I also like anti-flood seagulls, but only natural ones - with raspberries, with lemon, with cranberries, with dogrose, and lime trees - tasty and healthy.

  • AvatarOlga Frolova

    January 14 at 4:03 pm |

    Probably not very good doctors you come across. I have a very good attending physician, with extensive experience, the treatment prescribed by him is always effective.

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