Ten countries in which they drink the most

For many, alcohol has become an integral part of life. Fortunately, some people consume alcohol only on holidays and in moderate amounts. But still in some countries people drink often and a lot. And which of them can be called the most "drinkers"?

Who drinks the most?

Top ten countries that drink the most:

  1. Republic of Belarus. This country is almost one of the most drinkers in the whole world! Alcohol consumption per capita in recent years is approximately 17 liters! A man in a year manages to drink about 27-28 liters of alcohol! Women drink an average of 9. But the real data is likely to be much higher, because the researchers can’t estimate the scale of illegal production of alcohol, that is, the moonshine making, and the Belarusians are probably cooking the moonshine, and in huge quantities.
  2. Hungary. It is hard to call the Hungarians “alcoholic gourmets,” since they are completely selective in their choice of alcohol. There are no favorite drinks, and therefore practically everything is used: wine, beer, vodka, tinctures and so on. A year, an average resident of this country drinks about 13.5 liters of alcohol.In this case, men drink much more often and more than women. They manage to consume more than 20 liters of alcohol per year, while the representatives of the weaker sex are limited to the whole family. By the way, Hungary is famous for its vineyards, probably, therefore, many residents believe that it is simply impossible not to drink here, because there are so many temptations around!
  3. Czech Republic. In this country they also drink and drink a lot. Per capita per year accounts for about 15-16 liters of alcohol (about 19 per man and about 8 per woman), which is quite a lot. And the Czechs especially love beer, no wonder this country is famous for this frothy drink and its breweries that supply products to many countries around the world. By the way, it is here that the most popular and tasty beer is brewed, and then the term “Pilsner” appeared, which translates roughly as “Pilsen” (there is the city of Pilsen in the country). But the prices are quite reasonable, so that people do not deny themselves the pleasure of enjoying the taste and aroma of malt and hops.
  4. Moldavia. Surely at least once in their lives, everyone drank Moldovan wine. But the residents of this country probably drink it regularly, because on average one person over 15 years old gets about 17 liters of alcohol (about 25 for a man, and 9 for a woman).Probably, the Soviet “dry law” is still remembered here or is experiencing that it can be introduced again.
  5. Portugal. In this country, it is warm and sunny almost all year round, so that the vineyards grow like “on yeast”. And it is with pleasure that the Portuguese use, making wine and other alcoholic beverages from grapes, which are used almost daily as aperitifs or sedatives. In small quantities, such a drink is useful, but if the country entered the top, it means that they do not know how to control themselves. Beer, by the way, is also loved and drunk as much, as it costs much less.
  6. Slovakia. She, too, did not go far from her neighbor of the Czech Republic, they also love to drink here. No wonder per capita per year accounts for about 13-14 liters of alcohol. And if women limit themselves (they drink an average of 6 liters), then men, most likely, allow themselves to be weak every day, as they manage to drink 20 liters each year!
  7. Ukraine. This country also entered the list of the most drinkers. The average Ukrainian receives about 17-18 liters of alcohol annually, and that is quite a lot. The national drink, by the way, is gorilka, which is very similar to Russian vodka. And it appeared, if you believe some documents and testimonies, in the distant XVII century.And at that time it was called “hot wine”, although it cannot taste like wine to taste, because the fortress is much higher. And some alcoholic products are known all over the world. So, the popular brand is Nemiroff.
  8. Russia. Russians know how to drink, everybody knows it. And sometimes they just can not stop, because of what the country and entered the top. On average, about 15-16 liters of alcohol are consumed per person per year, and men drink a lot: about 23 liters! The most popular drink among Russians is beer, which is particularly popular with men, which is why they are rapidly gaining weight. But women, too, are not averse to missing one or two bottles in good company. In the second place in popularity is the strongest drink - vodka. She runs on almost all the feasts. But, as statistics show, increasingly, Russian citizens began to drink wine. But it is not known whether to rejoice or not, as this drink is harmful if you do not know the measures.
  9. Andorra. In this wonderful country, in which, it would seem, besides the feasts of so many different more interesting and useful activities, about 14 liters of alcohol are drunk annually. And men drink much more than women, they consume up to 20 liters (while women are limited to only 8).
  10. Lithuania.In this country, every average citizen drinks about 16 liters of pure alcohol annually (naturally, as part of alcoholic beverages). Drink here a variety of drinks, but almost national is the mead. It is made from honey, water and yeast. In total, there are three kinds of midusa in the country. But since there is a lot of honey here, other drinks are also made on its basis, for example, nectars, balms, tinctures. It is probably very tasty, and therefore Lithuanians are so addicted that they do not always comply with the measure.

Interesting Facts

And finally, some interesting facts about the so-called alcohol culture of the world and different countries:

  • The critical rate of alcohol consumption, according to the World Health Organization, is 8 liters. But at the same time, the average volume of consumption throughout the world is 10 liters, that is, it turns out that literally in all countries alcohol is abused. And such statistics is very sad.
  • Currently, alcohol takes millions of lives every year! So, they die from it much more often than from violence, pneumonia and AIDS. Just imagine: many literally kill themselves with their own hands, abusing alcohol.
  • Approximately 45-48% of the world's population have not tried alcohol even once in their lives. And if you consider this fact, it turns out that those who drink, in any case, abuse, otherwise the indicators would not be so significant.
  • Different countries consume different drinks. For example, in Spain, France and Portugal are very fond of wine, probably because there are many vineyards here. In Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany, residents love beer and wine almost equally.
  • The more to the north is the state, the more strong drinks are used in it. And especially a lot of them drink in countries such as Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, USA, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Japan and the United Kingdom. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the residents of these countries believe that strong alcohol helps to warm up. And this is true, because after drinking there is a feeling that it has become warmer. But this feeling is often deceptive and even dangerous, because many freeze to death in a state of intoxication.

Now you know which countries they drink the most, and which drinks are especially loved by their inhabitants.

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