Tattoo of the century

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They say that to change the world, a woman needs to wave her eyelashes. This is similar to the butterfly effect. Minimal influence on one’s own environment can cause surprising consequences: from a successful acquaintance to moving up the career ladder.

If you want to change your own and the world around you, then you should take the first step towards this - tattooing the century. What are its features and secrets?

What is eye tattoo?

To date, many are interested in what the tattoo is on the eyelids and eyes. In this permanent make-up there is nothing strange. This procedure helps to save time, makes the look attractive. But what is it?

Tattoo is called an aesthetic adjustment, which is produced by a special technology. With the help of a tattoo of the eyelids, you can visually give lashes thickness and color. The shape and shade of the lines is chosen by you, taking into account the advice of a professional. This is a wonderful way to look attractive in any situation without the use of effort and time.

Permanent makeup of the eyelids helps to look great at any moment. It does not require a long period for regeneration.

But this does not mean that you will have to give up decorative cosmetics. Just now it will need less.

Types of eye tattoo

Permanent makeup is carried out in different amounts:

by sketching the interspace space to create eyelash density;
drawing arrows. It creates a liner effect;
feather arrows (pencil effect);
imitation of shadows.

Tattoo of the century

Tattooing can be done not only in youth, but also in maturity. After all, it helps to give brightness and saturation to natural shades, hides age-related changes. Consider the types of eye tattoo more:

Sketch of the space between the eyelashes.

This is an excellent method for imparting thickness and color to the cilia. It is more effective than mascara. At the same time, such a tattoo does not look like makeup, the effect of the face without makeup is preserved.

Despite the seeming difficulty, this type is considered the easiest eyelid in the tattoo. To do this, you do not need to create a sketch, because the skin between the eyelashes is drawn, and the figure is determined by nature. Makeup does not go beyond the growth of eyelashes.

Create arrows.

This is an additional manipulation for sketching the distance between the eyelashes.This tattoo gives the effect of eyeliner - paint over the strip next to the eyelashes. Width, shade and shape is selected individually. The arrow can be traditional, glamorous and any other. Usually this make-up is performed in black, although other shades are possible.

An arrow on the upper eyelid will suit each. But the lower eyelid should be allocated not always. Sometimes the lines help to change the shape of the eyes. But this line makes the eyes narrow visually narrow, emphasizes the "bags" under the eyes.

Feather arrows.

Such arrows do not resemble eyeliner, but paint a century with a pencil. A soft transition from a dark shade to a light shade helps to visually enlarge the eyes, gives the look softness.

Those who constantly draw arrows, will like tattooing. But remember that this pigment lasts a very long time.

Feathering is an indispensable condition for aging skin of the eyelids, since small folds can ruin the contours of a smooth eyeliner.


This tattoo is different difficult color transitions. It helps give your eyes a roundness, or lengthens them, hides flaws in the skin (scars after surgery).Despite the fact that this is an art tattoo, using natural shades, it looks natural. It is important that these colors are suitable and without makeup.

Tattoo of the century

Only those whose lifestyle does not do without makeup, you can use shades of a rich palette. Their use is a responsible choice, you need to think carefully about it.

Possibilities of tattoo

Tattoo is not a simple make-up that is not washed off. As well as a specialized make-up, he is able to correct defects in appearance. So, let's consider the main features of tattooing:

When the eyes are deeply planted, narrow, narrow arrows with an expanding tip help. Light shades of shadows along with eyebrow tattoo "reveal" the look;
you can give the depth to the bulging eyes with the use of a wide feather arrow and dark shadows;
Visually increase the eyes is obtained by arrows using color (not black), which somewhat recede from the inner corner of the eye and do not close together;
to improve round eyes, making them almond-shaped, help the long feathers in the outer part of the arrow. They must go beyond the eyes;
to bring together the wide-set eyes, you will need arrows pointed in the inner corner of the eye, but which taper to the outside;
in order to visually increase the distance between the eyes, you will need an arrow with a start, which is not colored, but the tip must expand and be feather;
for rounding the eyes, the arrows are made thick in the center;
To raise the corner, an arrow is created on the mobile eyelid, which gradually increases in width from the middle of the eye to the outer edge.

Features of the procedure of tattoo

If you are going to do tattooing, then it is important to know the features of the procedure. For example, if you want to create permanent arrows, then before that it is important to make eyebrows correction. The shape of the lines should be combined with eyebrows.

Do not curl eyelashes (after such a procedure before the tattoo should take 2 days). If you go with glasses, then take them with you. This is important, because the make-up with glasses and without them looks different. In addition, do not forget to grab cosmetics that is familiar to you.

Tattoo of the century

To plan a tattoo is so that you can stay at home after it. If you do not want people to notice the redness of the eyes and the saturation of the fresh tattoo, then bring your sunglasses. They will give protection from excessive sun light.

With the help of a tattoo of the eyelids, you can adjust the shape of the eyes. The correct choice of the shape of the arrows contributes to this.

The whole process takes about 40 minutes. But before it some time goes to the selection of the form and type of tattoo. On the basis of the makeup artist's sketches and sketches, you can finally decide and choose an option. It is important, that the result coincided with your images and representations, approached to type of the person. The whole process of applying a tattoo on the eyes is divided into the following steps:

preparation. It includes a detailed description of the make-up artists of all the nuances of the procedure, an explanation of the further care, removal of makeup with an antiseptic, preparatory drawing of the sketch and coordination of the form;
anesthesia. Apply a cream to relieve pain. He does a wonderful job with this task before his eyes, because the skin here is thin;
technical moment. The eyelid is fixed so that there is no interference and unnecessary movements, a hypoallergenic natural pigment is inserted at an angle from the eye under the skin at a depth of half a millimeter. This distance is noticeable already the thickness of the century, because the eye itself does not cause any harm. The skin is treated with a cream for fast regeneration.

After the end of the tattoo, the eye will first be a little brighter than planned. But over the course of 1-2 weeks the shade will straighten and get what you want.Unlike permanent makeup of the lips and eyebrows, the crusts are almost invisible, only from time to time during the regeneration period the pigment crumbles a little.

In addition, the introduction of paint under the skin causes swelling. It leaves in 1-3 days. But the result is worth it.

During regeneration (about 7-10 days after the tattoo) it is better not to go to the solarium and the pool, in addition, hide your skin from the sun. Depending on the properties of your body and lifestyle, the tattoo of the eyes lasts about 3-5 years. In this special care is not required.

After tatoo treatment

So, consider the features of eye care after the procedure of tattoo. For the first day, gently treat the eyes with cotton wool moisturized in miramistine or chlorhexidine. If the eyes are red and there is a feeling of “sand”, then drip “Vizin” or similar artificial tears.

For 1-2 days, if the swelling and redness remain, treat the area of ​​the tattoo with a thin layer of hydrocortisone ointment 0.5%. It is suitable for application under the eyelid. But for an eyelid to put it does not have to - lubricate the outer skin. If the swelling is too noticeable, then remove it by applying cold to the skin.To do this, the ice can be wrapped in a napkin and a bag.

About 7 days do not wet your eyes. Miramistin or chlorhexidine should be used for cleaning. Do not use makeup on the eyes.

Remember the main warnings after the procedure. You can not visit the pool, sauna and beach for at least 2 weeks.

The first couple of hours the color will not be saturated, and the hands will be slightly wider than required. Then a crust will appear on the skin that hides the pigmentation. Do not rub your eyes, trying to remove the crust. It will ensure proper regeneration and will go off by itself in 3 days. In general, regeneration after tattooing will take about 7 days.

After 21 days, the makeup will get the desired brightness, and you can evaluate the result.


The most frequent questions about the tattoo of the eyelids are:

Is this procedure painful?

No, eyelid tattoo almost does not cause discomfort, because cream and anesthesia gel gets into the skin. When drawing the space between the eyelashes, the sensations resemble tickling. Even when the effect of the gel ends earlier than the procedure, then the feeling of a sharp injection does not occur, since the cream acts gradually. After that, the gel is applied again.

Tattoo of the century

The pain is psychological. If you are too afraid, take sedatives in advance.

How long does the swelling last?

A noticeable swelling appears when the skin on the eyes is too sensitive. It is too visible in the morning after the tattoo, and lasts about 2 days. But this is not an indispensable attribute of the procedure.

Is it necessary to make tattoo on the eyelids, lips and eyebrows at a time?

Technically, these procedures are possible. But it is better to divide it into different days. Even the tattoo on the eyelids from below and above, if the opportunity is present, divide it into 2 sessions. In particular, if this is the first time, and not an adjustment.

What happens if you jerk in the process of tattooing?

For all time of existence of this kind of makeup there were no appeals to the doctor because of traumas of the eye received in the process of tattooing. When drawing the eyes are closed, and the master holds the eyelid with the hand. There will be no pain, and you won't have to worry about your eyes.

Do the lenses interfere with the procedure?

In the process they should be removed. The rest is not limited. Tattooing even prolongs the period of wearing the lenses, because the chance of shadows and mascara falling on them is minimized.

Properly performed tattooing persists for a long time and does not cause any problems to the owner.

What is the duration of the tattoo?

For centuries, tattooing lasts longer than on the lips and eyebrows. About 10 years. For this reason, you can not do experiments on this zone.

Important nuances of tattoo

But there are other important nuances of the procedure of tattoo, which should be known:

It is undesirable to prick Botox and make a permanent make-up on the eyes. Between the two procedures, an interval of not less than 14 days is required;
eyelashes should be removed before tattooing the eyelids if they are extended, as well as permanent mascara;
during the procedure can not remain in the lenses;

Tattoo of the century

use permanent dyes on the eyelashes, do their curling, extension is possible only 30 days after the tattoo;
To prevent paint burnout, it is important to protect the tattoo from the sun's rays;
You can not do a tattoo before the trip. This should be done no later than 2 weeks before the holidays.

Eyelid tattoo removal

It is worth noting that the procedure of removing the tattoo on the eyelids is difficult, because the eyes are nearby. The elimination process is done by laser. But how does this happen with eyes? When removing make-up from your eyebrows, even with your eyes closed and with dark glasses, you can see flashes. Gives a powerful impetus. It is clear that with a "shot" with a laser in the eyes there is the possibility of blinding.

To do this, use special tools to close the eyes to protect them from the laser.In this case, all other manipulations are similar.

Contraindications for eye tattoo

It is impossible not to note the contraindications for the tattoo eye. For absolute contraindications include:

immune disorders; HIV;
low clotting, brittle vessels;
mental illness, epilepsy;
insulin-dependent diabetes;
keloid scars, papillomas and moles in the area of ​​the procedure.

Relative bans are temporary. They require caution and the use of drugs to avoid complications:

lactation period and first trimester of pregnancy;
menstruation (you need to wait until the middle of the cycle);
exacerbation of diseases (it is necessary to wait for remission);
hypertension (required to check the pressure during the procedure);

Separately worth mentioning conjunctivitis. Those who suffer from this disease and who have sensitive eyes, tattooing will be salvation, because do not have to resort to ordinary makeup every day. If conjunctivitis occurs due to infection, you will have to undergo treatment.

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