Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?


Summer is already in full swing, and you can not boast of bronze skin. And the point is not that you do not like the sun, but in a banal lack of time. There is no time to fall on the beach, and I cannot afford a solarium. As a result, on a long-awaited vacation, you arrive as a pale toadstool, differing from dark-skinned campers. To avoid embarrassing sensations and protect your skin from burning, use self-tanning. The product is sold ready-made or manufactured at home.

Autosunburn, what is it?

Ultraviolet rays are not safe for humans. Therefore, the exit to the sun is accompanied by the application of special protective agents. However, skin burns occur every summer, especially on the face and protruding parts of the body. Long lying in the sun is fraught with cancer and impaired immune system. Starting from April-May, include creams with protective factors in cosmetics.

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

To eliminate unpleasant consequences after burning skin, use self-tanning. You do not have to stay in the sun for a long time to get skin with a golden hue. What is this avtozar and how to use it? The tool is a special composition, which includes coloring pigment. It penetrates into the upper layers of the epidermis and gives a bronze hue. To get a tanning effect, apply the product correctly, do not spend several times in the same place. In contrast to this tan this will last a few days, a maximum of a week. Then it will pass unnoticed. During this time, you can take bath procedures, but it is not recommended to rub the body with a washcloth. If you want to maintain a swarthy skin, then put the auto-tanning every 10 days. The tool does not prevent the appearance of natural tan.

Types of tanning

Manufacturers produce the tool in a liquid, solid form. This allows you to choose products that are convenient in application and suitable for a particular type of skin. Consider what types of tanning are:

Spray. Convenient in application. There are two types: liquid and dry.The first version of the autosunburn is distributed along the body with small droplets, which are then triturated. Another advantage of a spray of self-tanning is the rapid drying and activation of the coloring pigment. After 3 hours you will turn into an attractive darker. If there are difficulties in coloring hard-to-reach parts of the body, then use a dry spray. This autosunburn penetrates into all places, instantly absorbed. The tool appears in an hour, and the body does not remain oily shine. Spray suitable for all skin types.

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

Napkins. By action do not differ from other means. Each napkin is saturated with dye. When interacting with the skin, the body stains. When choosing napkins, note that the packaging is divided according to the sun protection factor.
Butter. The tool is available in a dense form, so it is spent economically. It contains ingredients that are useful for getting silky and soft skin. The texture is pleasant for the body, absorbed in 5 minutes. and does not leave the body shine and greasy stains. Suitable for dry skin, since oil does not leave a feeling of tightened skin.
Milk.Presented as a liquid structure. Tanning is applied to the body and is evenly distributed with the help of hands. When using tanning, pay attention is intended only for the body or for the face as well. Due to its soft structure, the milk can be applied to delicate skin.

Tanning milk suitable for dry skin. Get a double effect: bronze skin and moisturized epidermis.

Separately allocate the cream tanning, which is similar in structure to milk. The composition of this type includes nutrients and moisturizers. Apply the cream by making circular motions. To avoid stains, take the amount of tanning, calculated on one area, for example, to handle one hand. The cream is most often used to give the face a bronze shade. To avoid an unnaturally dark face, mix tanning with a regular moisturizer. Take equal proportions. The resulting mixture is applied to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes.

The rules for applying self-tanning

Many girls refuse to use tanning for the banal reason. Ladies are sure that the remedy will lie unevenly, spots are formed on the skin.As a result, instead of a tanned body, mud areas will be obtained. This effect is possible if you do not attach importance to the rules of applying tanning. Before proceeding with the procedure, review the recommendations:

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

Inspect the tanning bottle before buying. Pay attention to shelf life. Before applying, open the tube and look at the structure. If you have acquired milk or creamy tanning, then see that there are no unnecessary inclusions. Such additives will spoil the effect of artificial tan, stripes and spots are formed.
Prepare the skin. First, make sure that the remedy does not have an allergic reaction. The day before using tanning, apply a small amount of funds on a closed area of ​​skin. If there are no unpleasant reactions, prepare for the procedure. To do this, peel the body, apply a scrub on your face. If necessary, perform depilation so that the extra hair does not interfere with the application of the milk. Take a shower for 30 minutes. then spatter tanning. The skin should be clean, free from dead cells and cooled after water procedures. Steamed body absorbs more money than you need for a beautiful tan.

Do not neglect peeling and depilation. If you do not complete this item, then tanning will lie in uneven stripes.

Spread the product over the body. To avoid the effect of orange palms, protect your hands with gloves or immediately wash them after applying tanning. Apply the product with quick movements, not stopping at one site. Work fast and accurate strokes. Tanning absorbs quickly and dries, so do not pause.
Wait a while. So that the tool does not remain on things and penetrates the skin well, do not dress for 30–60 minutes. At the same time take a vertical position. Discard water treatments and sports for the next 10–12 hours, after soaking up the funds.

One of the most common mistakes when using tanning - is applying only to open areas. Do not forget to treat the skin under the hair, behind the ears, to spread the product on the outside of the arms and legs. Consider that tanning appears differently at the folds. The abundant layers of the product are not absorbed into the skin, but are distributed in folds. Get the effect of dirty skin. To avoid this, take a lower dosage to treat the elbow and knee joints, eyebrows, and décolleté.

How to make tanning at home?

It is believed that tanning is safer for the skin and does not harm, unlike ultraviolet radiation. Indeed, the sun's rays are destructive to the skin with a long stay and without additional protection. But do not forget that the composition of tanning includes chemical components that can not be called favorable substances for the skin. If you prefer to use natural products, then self-tanning at home. For this, products and herbs are used. Consider the popular recipes:

A tea broth. For the preparation of tanning use weighed, but not packaged tea. Make a standard brewing method, only after adding boiling water, keep the resulting liquid on the fire for 5 minutes. Let the tea brew, then cool the drink and strain. It should make a strong and dark decoction. Now take a cotton sponge, dip it in liquid and lubricate the skin. The intensity of the color is regulated independently, by changing the amount of tea. Such decoctions not only give a natural shade, but also tone up the skin, tighten pores on the face.

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

Coffee mask.Suitable for lovers of an invigorating custard. Take the grains and grind them with a coffee grinder. Then add liquid to the powder. Determine quantity on your own. The mask should have a consistency of gruel that will not spread over the body. It remains to apply the mask on the skin and wait 10-15 minutes. If you want a darker color, apply the gruel again.
Lotion with iodine. The simplest recipe. To prepare tanning, dilute iodine in water. Then soak the skin with the resulting liquid. Be careful with iodine. The substance actively eats into the skin, so first test the recipe on an inconspicuous area of ​​skin.
Herbal composition. If the skin is already dark, but you want to enhance the effect, then use carrot juice. Squeeze the vegetables yourself. In the resulting squeeze, put a couple of spoons of olive oil.

You can not use carrot juice as a tanning for pale skin, otherwise the body will become a yellowish tint.

Homemade cream. For its manufacture will need rhubarb root. Squeeze the juice from the plant and add to the face cream or body milk. Stir or shake the mixture.Then apply on the skin in the usual way. To make a face tanned, use a decoction of plants. Wipe the face with the prepared liquid.
Coloring baths. Remember what natural dyes from time immemorial used for painting eggs. This onion peel, which gives a yellow-brown hue. In stores, bags with dried hulls are sold. Use them or prepare a dye yourself. Fill the husks with water, hold on the stove for 10-15 minutes. Then strain and pour into the bathroom. Immerse the body in liquid. Exposure time up to 30 min. If you do not like the smell of onions, then take the walnut leaves. The composition of the plant includes a natural pigment that will give the body a bronze color. Prepare the decoction, which is poured into warm water.

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

Herbs for tanning. If you do not suffer from dermatosis and other allergic reactions, then prepare herbal decoction. To do this, take the flowers of chamomile and leaves succession. With this liquid, wipe the skin or take a bath. These herbs contain substances that have an antibacterial and disinfecting effect. Therefore, not only staining will occur, but rashes and redness will be eliminated.

Eat foods that are colored orange or red. Do not expect from autosagar, made at home instant action. It is necessary to affect the skin 2–3 times to get a bronze color. But, such funds are allocated a safe effect on the skin due to the natural composition.

How to remove tanning?

Depending on the manufacturer or structure, the tool keeps on the skin for a different period of time. Maximum bronze tint persists throughout the week. There are situations when you want to remove tanning ahead of time. Either the remedy was applied incorrectly and spots and stains appeared. In such cases, the situation is reparable. At home, tanning is washed off. For this, the following actions are performed:

Tanning: what is it and how to do at home?

Dial the bathroom with warm water. Then immerse yourself completely in the water. Your job is to steam the skin.
After that, take a hard sponge, washcloth and actively rub the body. It is important not to overdo it. Use force, but do not rub the skin to bloody stains. You should see how tanning comes off in the form of dark lumps.
Now remove tanning from the face.The skin is tender, so radical measures in the form of a hard washcloth will not work. Try a mask with a deep cleansing of the skin. Suitable blue clay or makeup remover. After washing tanning, apply a moisturizer on your face. Use milk or oil to moisturize the body.

If you can not wash tanning in the manner described, then try folk remedies. Wipe the body with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Take a bath with lemon juice or rub skin with kefir.

After a long winter, the skin looks pale, and sometimes with a bluish tinge. On the street, the grayness of the skin is clearly visible along with the bright sun. Self-tanning allows you to forget about such a problem as a pale face. Brownness appears in 3-5 hours. Plus you do not have to spend money on a solarium. Use tanning and get a tanned body and face for a short time.

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