Why dream of a tank?

Tank - a formidable weapon of war. Therefore, seeing in a dream like that, people first of all remember the war. But the interpretation of such a dream has nothing to do with military action. Most often, such a dream speaks of brute force, which rushes abruptly into your life, or of conflicts and unpleasantness.

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Tank had a dream, dream book
Tank had a dream, dream book

Summer dream

A dream about a tank warns you that a new boss with a hard character will appear at work. He will demand unquestioning obedience and will quickly put his subordinates in place.

Erotic dream book

If in a dream a person runs away from a huge tank in panic, let him wait for the black stripe in his personal life. His or her second half will become cold, alien and indifferent. If in a dream you were driving a tank, rejoice. You are lucky enough to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal. You will easily win the sympathy of the person you are interested in.

Autumn dream

Otherwise it is written in the autumn dream book: a tank means that you will have to deal with a cheeky and ill-mannered person.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in a dream you were a tank, your financial situation may deteriorate sharply. As an option - there is a threat even for your life. If the tank moves straight at you, you will manage to smooth out all the misunderstandings and come to a compromise solution. If in a dream a person saw himself inside a tank, let him be ready for a quarrel with loved ones.

Dream dream wanderer

If you were a tanker in a dream, it speaks of your willpower. You can successfully overcome all obstacles. To dream of a tank - a force will break into your life that will break the livability and calmness.


Tank in a dream - to a long and difficult journey. If the young man saw that he was being pursued by a tank, they would call him into the army. If you were in a dream driving a tank, then because of the property of negligence, you will make a huge blunder that cannot be fixed.

Esoteric dream book

Why dream of a tank - to a serious illness. If you drove an armored personnel carrier in a dream, this indicates a lack of strength and a sense of your own powerlessness and helplessness.


Tank in a dream - you take everything too close to your heart. Life seems very ruthless to you. No need to think about it.Try to live for yourself and take care of your family. It is not worth constantly thinking about universal injustice. Riding in a tank is a symbol of your behavior. You prefer force over reason. You do not have compassion and pity for people, do not tolerate excuses and explanations.

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