Successful = lonely?


You set goals for yourself and systematically reach them, overcoming all new heights - this is success. If you imagine in your head a successful person, then this is rich, secured in every sense, living in luxury apartments. He does not need anything, is popular with people who extol him on a pedestal.

In the narrow sense, success is financial self-sufficiency, climbing the career ladder. But to become a truly happy person, these factors are not enough. It is necessary to have success in family matters, social, professional. All together will give a complete picture of life.

The reasons for the loneliness of successful women

The advantages with you: an attractive face and body, expensive clothes, managerial position, the attention of men. But such women are often lonely. They complain that there is no happiness in life. What is wrong, why is such an injustice?

Here are some reasons that explain this situation:

Prince on a white horse. Even in childhood, girls dream of an attractive man who will come for her on a white horse (read, a limousine).It is imperative that his status in society be at least above average, and ideally an oligarch, a tough businessman, the owner of the estate, a deputy, and others.

Successful = lonely?

Idealization of men from childhood. Parents do wrong, colorfully describing their daughters, what should be the future elect. They idealize it, say that it should not be otherwise, and this is the only correct option. The girls, growing up, remember what mother once told them, and begin to search for the ideal. But what a disappointment when they realize that there are no ideal people. The girls try different men, but do not stop at one, as the ideas about them are different. As a result, this turn of events leads to loneliness, depression, understanding that life is not such a sweet thing, as parents described.
There is no desire to start a serious relationship. It so happens that a woman does not seek serious and long relations with men. There are several reasons: the fear of being tied up for many years with one person, the fear of marriage, the fear of being rejected, the fear that a man does not live up to expectations. Some ladies choose the wrong men, so it seems to them that they cannot build a normal relationship at all.
Unavailability.Take a closer look at how you look. Are you the “snow queen” who makes herself an ice lady, an inaccessible, strict but insanely sexy woman? Men love such girls, but only as an object of sexual pleasures. Such behavior gets them, they perceive you as prey, and they are by nature hunters, conquerors. But after playing, they will leave you. For family life, this lady does not fit. For marriage, men choose decent, kind, bright persons. And even more so for the birth of children vamp is unlikely to fit. If you put on a mask in this way, it is better to get rid of it. Become yourself.
Flaws in appearance. You are a beautiful, intelligent, attractive woman, but, as they say, with a twist. You’ve gotten used to it for a long time, but a defect or flaw that can be found on your face, for example, can push men away. Sometimes even a mole above the lip causes a break in the relationship. He will choose another woman who does not stand out among the rest.
Bad habit. Some girls believe that a cigarette in their teeth gives them charm, sexuality, originality. Only most men scare away this factor.Few who want to have a future mother of their children, which does not protect health. Therefore, these girls are left alone. Exit - throw!

Retro Portrait Of Beautiful Woman With Cigarette

Complexes. When a girl is alone for a long period, she looks for flaws in herself: ugly, full, bulging ears, crooked teeth, etc. The prospect of a man of such a woman is not the best. Every day he will have to prove to her in word and deed how beautiful she is and that everything in her is beautiful. Daily struggle with the complexes, not everyone will like.
Feigned nonsense. Some girls think that silly girls attract men. Therefore, they remove the erudition away and play. Yes, there are such men, but they are the same fools. A real, intelligent man will choose a wise woman as his chosen one.
Frightening beauty. Men are afraid of too outwardly attractive women. Opinion is this: they believe that once a woman is successful in professional affairs, so attractive, then there is no end to her fans. “What can I offer her?” He thinks and passes by.
A child is a hindrance for men. Having a child with a woman often becomes the main criterion for the choice of a given girl by a man.Like the relationship began to develop, but the girl admits that she has a little son or daughter. The man is changing, the relationship is gradually disappearing. Rarely, who wants to raise another child and be responsible for his life.
Careerist. The loneliness of some successful women is due to their passion for work. She is strong, independent, independent, fully self-sufficient. Why such a woman someone else? It is difficult for such girls to find a man who is stronger than her in spirit. Sometimes she can not have children and decides to be alone, but successful in her career.

If it does not work out on its own, contact a psychologist for help.

How to get rid of loneliness

“Successful = lonely,” think many women directors of large companies, business women, etc. At work, they forget that they are women - weak, tender sex. Yes, they look attractive, every day they suggest marafet: make-up, hairstyle, outfit, even allow themselves a lover. But this is not a loved one. The sexual partner will not replace the warmth, care, love, which are so necessary for any normal woman. A successful girl in business is not obliged to be alone in life.Psychologists have repeatedly solved these problems and helped women find happiness.Successful = lonely?

If a woman lifted herself up on a pedestal and behaves like a queen, you need to lower the bar a little. Men do not like callous and cold ladies. Become what you really are, remove the mask of omnipotence, inaccessibility and self-sufficiency.
Women with high incomes often look for the husband of a man who will surpass her in wealth. Men shy when a woman earns more than them. But after all, relationships are built primarily on trust, love, and mutual understanding. And not on the amount of valuable papers in the wallet. It is unlikely that a woman with such requests will be able to find a decent suitor. At least it's hard.
Successful women careerists become strong, sometimes gaining male qualities. In order not to remain alone, she needs to moderate her ardor in masculinity, to remember that she is a woman - weak, beautiful, innocent. Leave a riddle that will tighten the man with his head.
If you are a strong, independent woman, do not show it to a man 100%. Give him the opportunity to help you, become a friend, those who solve problems.Stay in the image of a weak girl who craves support and understanding. It is unlikely that a man will suffer a relationship when a woman does not put it into account, he does everything himself. Such relationships are possible in theory, but more often they do not go far.

How to become successful and happy

To become successful in all areas of life, you need a lot of work. Happiness is what every woman wants to strive for. Combining these two concepts leads the girl to complete harmony.

Here are some simple steps to success and happiness:

Believe in yourself. To become successful, believe in yourself and your strength. No one will do this for you. Become a motivator for yourself. Set goals, go to their execution, believe that they will come true - so be it!
Say no to laziness! Laziness is one of the most common vices. It does not allow us to move forward, it does not allow us to develop and fulfill the tasks we have been set Therefore, say a firm "no" laziness. It's so nice to enjoy your own victories, even if they are insignificant. Do not despair if it turns out not immediately. Work, achieve, then everything will be!
Contrary to! Going to your goal, do not give up in any way.Sometimes composure is lost, the mood drops, outside the window is overcast, things fall out of the hands. But this is not a reason to forget about the planned plans. Move forward! Before you become successful, you will have to endure the grief of disappointment, a fall, but it is worth it to end up being happy.

Successful = lonely?

Do not forget about the world around you. Headlong into business and plans, do not forget that there is a wonderful and interesting world around you. Do not forget about yourself, occasionally allow yourself to enjoy salon procedures, your favorite book, watching a new film. Walking does not hurt either. Yes, time is short, 24 hours is not enough for everything. But sometimes it is useful to postpone business and feel life, it will help you to rest and return to everyday affairs with a mood to become a successful and happy person.
Turn the flaws into virtues. Remember the famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey, this emotional and explosive woman? Initially, she led the news, but she was fired for these qualities. But she did not give up, she went to her goal and created her own program, where she became a highlight. The main thing is to find an audience that will appreciate your, at first glance, negative traits.

Successful = lonely?

The formula "successful = lonely" is fundamentally incorrect! A successful woman has every chance of becoming a happy wife, mother, the main thing is to understand that success in life is not only a career, high position in society, finances, but also family happiness.

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