Stand for a soldering iron

Keeping an electric soldering iron clean and tidy is simple. However, together with a soldering iron, we always use such consumables as tin-lead solder, flux for soldering, rosin, soldering grease and similar accessories. You can, of course, store all this in any box, or a special purchase bag for a soldering iron. But you can make a special stand. It will serve not only as a place to store all the necessary consumables, but also as a kind of workplace, since we will also adapt the so-called “third hand” for the convenience of the work.

You'll need

  • 1 - Layered plywood 10 × 250 × 100 mm. (thickness, length, width)
  • 2 - Fiberboard of the same parameters.
  • 3 - The length of a metal tube is 100 mm, the internal diameter is slightly larger than the thickness of the soldering iron.
  • 4 - Wood screws, 10 mm.
  • 5 - Old metal corrugation with a diameter of 15 mm. (from the shower)
  • 6 - Aluminum wire, 4-5 mm thick.
  • 7 - Metal clothespin-crocodile, 1 pc.
  • Tool

    • 1 - Hammer.
    • 2 - Drill.
    • 3 - Shlifmashinka.
    • 4 - Screwdriver.
    • 5 - Pliers.

    Production of the stand

    We take the layered plywood with the fiberboard laid on top of it on the basis.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Stand for a soldering iron
    This is in case that you can always change the working surface of the stand that has been greasy and polluted with time and, thus, always have a clean workplace. You can sew a hardboard with a stipler, but, in my opinion, those screws that we will need soon will be enough. Now we will make the holder for the soldering iron. To do this, take the prepared tube, flatten one end of it with a hammer, bend it at the angle you need and drill a screw hole in it.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Screw the holder to the base of the stand, on top of a sheet of fiberboard. Next, we will do the "third hand". Cut off the grinder, the required length of a fragment of metal corrugations.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    If there is a rubber hose inside - we leave it too.Each such corrugations, both of its ends are sorted out, so we remove them from unnecessary segments and rearrange them to our fragment.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    The basis of the "third hand" will be aluminum 5-millimeter wire. To make it softer, more flexible and pliable, it must be heated on a fire, not reddening, and allowed to cool down independently.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Now at one end of the wire we make a small loop with pliers and bend it sideways, a screw thread will pass into this loop later and thread the wire into a segment of corrugations.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Stand for a soldering iron
    Squeeze the whole corrugation down to the loop, fasten a crocodile pin to the second end of the wire and release the corrugation so that it spreads along the entire length of the wire.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    We pass a screw through the loop and fasten the "third hand" to the stand. And, further, we fix to the stand all consumables that you use in the process of working with a soldering iron.Tin-lead solder is curled and coiled down to the stand, at any place convenient for you. Now remove the cover from the packaging of rosin and, also, fasten it to the stand, edges upwards. We put the rosin package on the lid - the rosin cannot fall out, since it was poured into the packaging in a liquid form and froze there. Now the holder for the flux. Take any plastic or metal jar, shape, frame, where the bottle of flux will fit and fasten it to the stand.
    Stand for a soldering iron
    We insert a bottle with a flux into the place prepared for it. If the bottle dangles inside this holder - wrap the bottle with tape to the required thickness. In general, this way you can screw everything that you usually use when soldering to the stand.

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