Sock Mouse Toy

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 multi-colored socks;
  2. 4 black buttons for eyes;
  3. synthetic winterizer as a filler;
  4. foam balls for spout;
  5. glue gun;
  6. scissors;
  7. marker;
  8. sewing machine;
  9. needle and thread.

Step 1

And so we take a sock and mark the body and ears on it with a marker. The body is an oval, we draw it at the bottom of the sock, ears, approximately, a circle and draw them at the top of the sock. We also note the hole through which we will twist the sock and fill it with padding polyester.

While we do not cut anything, we first stitch the marked lines on a sewing machine. Then cut out, cut out with scissors, stepping back from the seam 5 mm.

Step 2

Turning the details of the body and ears, as well as the body stuffed padding. Into the ears, add a little padding around the outer edge, so that there is a recess in the center and downwards.

Step 3

Let's start the tail. Cut off the top of the sock. Mark the place for the seam, stitch on a sewing machine and turn it around.We insert the tail into the hole in the body of the mouse and sew it with a thread and a needle while sewing the hole.

Step 4

We take the eyelet, wrap inside all the mohair parts at the hole. Squeezing the bottom, sew up the hole, so that it turned out a groove (see photo) and gently sew the eye to the body-head of the mouse. Repeat the same with the second ear.

Step 5

It remains to arrange a little mouse face. We sew eyes to the muzzle-buttons. Using a glue gun glue the spout foam. And either using a fishing line, or thick threads make the antennae mouse.

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