Soak the seeds of plants in a solution of honey, and the crop will exceed expectations

Those times have long passed when summer residents were ready to throw seeds into the soil and calmly wait for shoots. The seeds of many plants germinate better if they are soaked in advance and safe from harmful bacteria. You can give preference to chemicals, but for those who prefer folk remedies, there are a few simple secrets.

Calibrate the seeds

First, separate large seeds from small ones. Both are subject to planting, but always on different beds. Seeds of the same size will sprout at the same time and will not oppress each other’s root systems. It is easier to take care of such beds, because you do not risk to pull out young shoots during weeding.

Use sieves of different sizes if you have a lot of seeds. For small quantities packaged by hand. Do not forget to store the seeds in a dry, cool place, at an air temperature not higher than 17 degrees.

After proper calibration, plants such as carrots, radishes and cabbage will give the best yield.And care for the beds will have less. Another way to pack seeds is to check their weight. Pour the seeds into a glass with 5% salt solution. Those seeds that drown are considered heavy. The seeds of medium gravity are drowned in a glass of pure water. And those that float to the surface even in water are not worth planting at all.

Soaking before planting

Before planting the seeds in the soil, they should be soaked. This process allows germs to quickly overcome the seed coat. Honey and other disinfectants protect the seeds from bacteria, preventing the development of diseases that threaten many crops. Dissolve one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and leave the seeds in this solution overnight. With this method, you can refuse to buy expensive drugs. It is important to pre-hold the seeds for at least an hour in clean water before soaking.

Honey for cuttings

Honey solution can be useful even if you plant shoots of plants. But the concentration should be small - 1-2 tablespoons per bucket of water. Soak in this composition cuttings of grapes and fruit crops from 8 to 12 hours.

Other seed soaking agents

You can germinate seeds in potato juice, as well as diluted 1: 1 aloe juice. Squeeze the juice from the potatoes can be on the juicer, or pre-freezing vegetables in the freezer.

Aloe needs to be activated. To do this, the leaves of the plant, whose age should be at least three years, wrapped in a newspaper and kept in the refrigerator for 14 days. Both means activate seed growth and kill bacteria on their surface. In potato juice, seeds are soaked for 6 hours. Aloe juice is very valuable, so they moisten gauze, and put the seeds between it for a day.

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