Should a woman inspire her man?

Moreover, the husband is not eternal, but he may also have a middle age crisis with a keen desire to change a sweet, but annoying wife to a younger and more nymph. Therefore, a woman should learn and certainly look for the cause of her life, which will bring a stable income; create your own financial safety cushion and be happy if your partner is actively involved in family life, but rely primarily on yourself. Reasonable, isn't it?

And then the interesting begins.

The psychologist says that even if both partners work, a woman still needs to become a soft and docile cat as soon as she comes home. For only a man is really imprisoned for making money and living in the harsh but wonderful world of career opportunities, and a woman is “completely different energies,” she must certainly inspire her lover, and “attainer” (does this word seem terrible to me alone?) and the iron lady, on the contrary, turn it off.

Should a woman inspire her man?

I think that while some ladies - intelligent, successful, independent and self-confident - will make money for other, less confident and not so successful women by instilling in them thoughts: “At work you can play an adult aunt, and be at home anyway kitty and attendants "will not do any good. This is the same patriarchal song, just with a fervent, attractive start, "Work and learn, so as not to ask anyone for money," but with a worn out and well-known end, "... and still borsht be good to cook and hide your tiredness from your husband away." Under the sauce is a difference of male and female energy, yes. And with dubious references to the fact that such is the nature of men - to realize themselves through money, fame and power. While female nature - rejoice at the opportunity to bring the master sneaker in your teeth, probably?

Let us leave aside the question of whether a man should inspire his woman - it is understood that, of course, not.

I have never seen an article or training where a man is offered to turn off an alpha male, to include a gentle husband and a caring dad when he comes home

But there are plenty of recommendations for women to smooth out conflict situations with a man who did great things at work, and was very tired at home.

And the most important thing is that this seemingly convenient strategy, when the personality of a woman crush under the idol of a strong patriarchal family, does not work at all. A woman is either self-sufficient - and therefore, she is not afraid to be with a partner herself (cheerful, crying, joyful, anxious), and her partner accepts her for what she is, so she does not need to force her brain by switching modes from the “reach” to the “kitty” ". Either she is dependent and tries to be as docile as possible so that her husband does not offend and give money - a marriage, of course, keeps, but at the cost of a woman’s mental health. And who and what can be inspired by a tired of continuous household chores, frightened by the uncertainty that the future harbors, and suffering from a variety of psychosomatic diseases on the basis of ever repressed emotions, is a big question.

I am sure that only an inspired woman can inspire anyone - an independent, enthusiastic and not focused exclusively on “working on relationships”. And that in general, she should not inspire anyone, but this happens by itself, when both partners are engaged in an interesting business, love each other and are not deprived of empathy.

The truth is that human nature is very complex. The difference between a man and a woman in the rate of gaining muscle mass, bone thickness and other anatomical and physiological details. But these signs do not particularly affect the success: it is not necessary to be the strongest and hardiest in the team, because we no longer hunt for mammoths, and evolution has long passed from the biological to the social. It is not the most muscular that win, but the smartest - they have more chances to succeed in steep professions, and also intuitively understand how to please others, which immediately adds points in both personal and business spheres.

Should a woman inspire her man?

Regardless of gender, it’s normal to have some ambitions, enjoy your own victories and strive to earn more. Just like the need for love, tenderness and acceptance is not dependent on the presence of the penis - this option is not regulated by male testosterone or female estrogens. In other words, we all want to be successful at work and get affection at home. So, harmonious relationships are possible only under the condition that everyone shows empathy and gives support.

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