Boy Shorts

I'll tell you how easy and costly to sew shorts for a boy with his own hands. All we need is an old, out-of-use skirt or pants from an adult, crayon, scissors, a piece of pattern paper, a needle and thread, an elastic band - an elastic band. In my example, a one-year-old boy was dressed, jeans of size 48 were used as material. So, the first thing we need to do is make a pattern. Here we will not make any measurements of the child, especially since at this age it is quite problematic. I took the boy's pants that he wears now, and they fit him. These pants turned inside out so that one half turned out, put it on a sheet of paper and circled.
 make the pattern
Then, directly on the pattern, you will need to add on top 1, 5-2 cm for a belt and the same length for a hem. The length of the pants is determined by yourself, I chose - just below the knee, a sort of breeches.For the side seams do not need to do allowances, since we trace the pants with seams. On the pattern you should have two parts of the product - front and back. Please note that they are different. The rear part is somewhat longer and deeper than the front. To get both parts, you need to spread the pants on the paper first front, and then back.

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