Short dresses for graduation 2014

Short dresses for graduation 2014With each season, short prom dresses are gaining more and more popularity. They are smart and comfortable, and most importantly, such dresses can always be worn more than once for any holiday.


Cocktail dresses at the prom 2014 - a great option for a festive evening. A short dress emphasizes the figure, it does not hide beautiful legs, making the girl especially sexy and attractive. It is convenient to move and easy to dance in, and it will never be hot even on the hottest summer day.


It is necessary to select a style of a short dress taking into account features of a figure. Of course, such outfits ideally look like slim graduates, but girls with curvaceous shapes should not deny themselves the pleasure of wearing short skirts. The main thing is to choose the color and material of the dress.


Owners of ideal legs can afford a mini, because you should not be afraid to show your dignity. Slender legs in high heels will attract everyone's attention this evening. But if this option is too frank for you, take a closer look at chiffon dresses - such an outfit will create the perfect elegant look.It is worth noting that even the shortest skirt may look modest if it is fluffy.


What style of dress to choose at the prom 2014


Depending on the figure, you can choose short dresses for the prom 2014 of one of the popular styles. The main thing is that the outfit should present you in the best possible light, hiding the shortcomings and showing your lovely dignity.


For girls with slender hips and wide shoulders, designers created dresses in the shape of a tulip. Expanding on the hips, this outfit gives the bottom of the body volume, balancing the whole figure. If on the contrary wide hips, it is worth choosing a dress with a high waist.


Short dresses for graduation 2014


Some styles of short dresses are suitable for almost any type of figure. Among them is a stylish sheath dress, a girl in such an outfit looks more mature and elegant. Embroidery with rhinestones and stones, as well as shiny fabrics can add special elegance and luxury. Another universal option is a short chiffon dress. It creates a cute romantic image, giving the graduate affection and touching.


For those who are not afraid to show their legs, a super-short dress with a long tail at the back is perfect.By the way, such dresses exist in transformer models that allow you to unfasten the train, making the outfit even more comfortable.


Fashion colors prom dresses 2014


Choosing a short dress for prom, pay special attention to the colors of the dress. Do not limit yourself to pastel tones; bright colors will always hold admiring glances at you. The main thing is to choose a dress according to your skin color and hair color.


Short dresses for graduation 2014


For brunettes, dresses of blue, violet and other cold shades, as well as outfits of light peach and blue flowers will be a spectacular option. For beauties with light pink skin and bright red hair suitable delicate shades - beige and pink. Girls with white skin and blond hair, it is best to wear clothes of not bright colors.


Shoes and accessories for prom dresses 2014


Especially carefully choose shoes and accessories for the festive along. Do not use too much jewelry, it can ruin your delicate image. Slender girls are better to wear thin precious chains. For massive jewelry is to pick up small earrings.


A small handbag embroidered with stones or rhinestones is perfect for an elegant evening short dress. The main thing is that it harmonizes with shoes, creating a full festive image. By the way, for girls of small stature, it is best to choose shoes with high heels for a short dress.


Short dresses for graduation 2014


Before buying an evening dress think about the image that you would like to create yourself. Looking at the photos of short prom dresses 2014, you can present your perfect dress. After all, it is very important that this festive evening you feel at a height, riveting to your side admiring glances.

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