Secrets of the choice of curling irons

Cheerful, mischievous, sexy and elastic curls - always an excellent choice for its owner, because such a hairstyle, regardless of fashion, looks profitable, beautiful and appropriate.

Today, to please yourself with three-dimensional curls or even skillful curls in the form of hearts or stars, it is not necessary to run to a beauty salon or to sleep all night on uncomfortable curlers, but just buy a special hair curler.

How to choose a good curling hair? In fact, this is not the easiest thing to do, especially for a beginner, because after visiting a home appliances store, your eyes diverge from the stormy variety of models presented. What are there just not!

Modern ploys have long ceased to be a conventional appliance with a heating element that curls the hair, today these are various models equipped with a variety of nozzles of the most excellent shapes and sizes.

Different quality, as well as an excellent set of functions completely confuses the inexperienced buyer,How to make the right choice so that the purchase fully satisfies all needs, but at the same time it does not burden the pocket? Let's figure it out.


Probably one of the most important characteristics of any hair tongs is the material of their working surface, because it directly interacts with your curls. The simplest and cheapest are curling irons with metal surfaces, with their help, of course, curls can be created, albeit with great harm to themselves.

The fact is that metal coatings dry out strongly and plait the hairs, because of their uneven heating, the hair is doubly heat-treated, which leads to their excessive fragility. Perhaps, such models have only one advantage - their low price.

There are products with ceramic work surfaces, they heat up quickly and evenly, and therefore much more carefully affect the surface of your hair. In principle, the same can be said about tourmaline and titanium coatings, by the way, tourmaline also, plus, during the heating up, releases negative ions that are capable of removing static electricity, which means - forgive disobedient strands!

According to experts, the safest and most convenient to use are the titanium-tourmaline or ceramic-tourmaline coatings. Naturally, the disadvantage of such devices is their relatively high price compared to the same metal ones.


Temperature. An important indicator on the degree of which will depend on how long your hair style will be able to survive. It is very convenient when the curling iron is equipped with a special thermostat, on which you can set the temperature that is suitable for your temperature.

For example, if you have thin and sparse hair, then perhaps 80 ° will be enough for you to wrap strong curls, large temperatures will simply burn the hairs. But ladies with disobedient, tough and unpainted hair, maybe 120 ° is not enough to achieve the desired effect.

Again, the lower the temperature, the less likely it is that the hairstyle will be able to survive for a long time, that’s why it’s so convenient that you can set the level yourself.

Nozzles. On sale it is possible to meet nippers which have a single fixed surface, and there are models which are on sale in a set with a set of nozzles.The most popular of them - corrugation, conical, round, nozzle-iron and many others, each of which serves to create its own type of curls.

I must say that the curling iron with removable nozzles, according to experts, is often not able to serve for a long time, since there is a possibility of breakage of the fixing mechanism on the case.

Those who keep their locks and use curlers only on holidays, it is better to choose an option without attachments, which will save money, but with a high-quality working coating and a thermoregulator. Naturally, curling with a large number of nozzles will cost more.

Power. When buying a device, be sure to pay attention to such a characteristic as power, it will depend on it how quickly the paddle warms up. 25-50 W of power is enough for use at home, although there are professional devices with a rating of 25-90 W.

Forceps Diameter. The size of your future curls will depend precisely on this indicator: perhaps you want to get small curls, then you should come up with a plate of the smallest diameters (10-13 mm). Tongs with a diameter of 20-25 mm will allow you to create large, but well-twisted locks, but the largest diameters (about 31 mm) are designed to create a basal volume or large waves.

Types of curling hair

First of all, they are divided into mass-market (that is, those that can be loved in any home appliance store) and professional, which can usually be found in specialized stores for hairdressers or in online stores.

Outwardly, the latter are not particularly different from the assortment of the mass market, perhaps only by the length of the cord (usually it is not less than 3 meters) and, of course, by the impressive price difference. Naturally, specialized tools are considered more durable and powerful.

In fact, at home, there is enough mass-market model, the main thing is to decide on the type. The most common option - round curling iron with a clip. Such models are convenient for independent use, they are able to firmly fix curls, and, therefore, to create a strong styling.

Another type - conical curling. They, unlike the usual round ones, allow you to create a more natural look of curls (large at the roots, small to the tips), but using such models on your own is not so easy.

There are double and even triple forceps, which are designed to create zigzag curls, by the way, such curling irons should only be used in combination with a thermal glove so as not to burn your fingers.

There are also crimping tongs - those young ladies who do not like large curls or volumetric curls may like it, because with their help you can create volumetric and only slightly wavy strands. Another option is spiral curling, they are best suited to create crisp and resilient curls that can last for several days.

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