Secrets of cooking the perfect rib eye steak

For meat lovers, steak is an essential dish of everyday meal and a solemn feast. The homeland of this juicy fried piece of meat is America. But if it seems to you that nothing is complicated in the preparation of steaks, then you are very wrong. Only by choosing the right meat, adhering to the rules of frying and the use of spices, ordinary beef will turn into a real culinary masterpiece.

Meat selection

If we disassemble the name of the dish into parts, we get a "rib" - an edge, and "eye" is an eye. This is what explains the rule of choosing meat. It should be cut exactly from under the scapula, just in the place where the fabric is adjacent to the rib. Looking at the cut, you will notice a layer of fat, which seems to divide a piece into small pieces. This picture is just like the eye.

The traditional rib-eye steak recipe does not include frozen meat. But if there is no opportunity to purchase a fresh product, then look for it in the meat departments.Convenience in this case lies in the fact that the meat will already be cut into pieces of the desired thickness (3-5 cm). But it is also not cheap to pay for it.

How to fry?

Now let's find out how to cook steaks so that they are beautiful, tasty and juicy?

  • Do not rush to throw meat at once in a frying pan. The first rule, which is advised to adhere to the experienced chefs - heating. Steak should be removed from the refrigerator and allowed to warm to room temperature. Thus, it will come out of it and unnecessary moisture.

If time is limited, then the fastest way to heat the meat is to wrap it in cling film and hold it a little under a stream of warm water. But after that, be sure to blot with a paper towel.

Remember, you can not wash steaks!

  • The second rule - use a minimum of spices. If you want to feel the true taste of meat, then you need only salt and pepper. Many culinary publications and chefs argue about when to add salt. Some argue that you need to let the pieces spice in a spice a few minutes before cooking. Others are confident that you can safely salt, without fear of loss of juiciness.

In this case, it all depends entirely on your preferences.

  • The third "commandment" - decide on the degree of roasting. If you prefer meat with blood or medium roast, then a grill pan will suffice. If you are a supporter of well-done steaks, then immediately heat up the oven.

Meat a little grease with vegetable or olive oil and put on a heated pan. Fry for 1.5-2 minutes on each side, turning regularly. Please note that this should be done only with forceps. The fork will contribute to the loss of juice, and the meat will become dry.

6-7 minutes is enough for the average roasting. For deeper, remove the pieces from the pan and place on the grate of the preheated oven for a few minutes.

  • And the last rule - do not rush to serve the dish to the table with the heat of the heat. Place the ribeye steaks on a warm plate or plate so that they “rest”.

Americans also love the Cowboy Ribey, which is a bone-in tenderloin cooked according to a traditional recipe.

How to add?

The traditional recipe can be slightly varied, adding, for example, to the spices a little thyme and garlic.

A great addition to meat will also be the sauce. One of the most simple and tasty - with tomatoes and mushrooms. For him, you need to bake some garlic cloves and cherry tomatoes on the grill, sprinkling them with salt and sugar a little. And fry the mushrooms with onions, adding a little red wine and vinegar, wait until thickened.

Put the champignons in the sauce, garnish with garlic and tomatoes.

Another version of the sauce - with greens and hot peppers. Parsley, oregano, green onions and a pod of bitter pepper grind in a blender. Season with olive oil and salt, add a little wine vinegar and let it brew.

If you want to serve a beef tenderloin effectively, giving it a bit of piquancy, pour a little whiskey on the plate and set it on fire. Alcohol will evaporate, and the aroma and taste will become richer.

Enjoy the unique taste of roasted meat, cooked according to the canons of American chefs. Bon Appetit!

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