Scenario of the New Year 2013 at home with friends

Scenario for a homemade New Year's party



New year's night- a mysterious and beautiful time. A time full of expectations and hopes, decisions that can change the rest of your life and thinking about how to find happiness. It should be noted that it is customary to celebrate the New Year with friends and family, this is a family holiday full of warmth and home comfort. Not surprisingly, most people prefer to be at home this night, and plans to enjoy the holiday with those who are dear to the heart.


But alsoNew Year 2013 celebration at homeYou should not reduce to a banal feast, because there are a huge number of ways to make dinner unforgettable. The prospect of spending New Year's Eve at home may seem bright, but this does not mean that it is impossible to make the celebration even better. Even a simple set of Christmas dishes and bright decorations can turn the evening into a real celebration. But lovers of the original and all there is, where to turn - you can not only writeparty scenario for the New Year 2013but also come up with her own style.


The scenario for the New Year's party in 2013 is a wonderful way to turn the New Year into a fairy tale, memorable and vivid. And standard home furnishings are not a hindrance to this. But the writing of the script should be entrusted to a hardworking person with a rich imagination and talents of the organizer, because it is important not to let the guests get bored, while not too imposing action on them. In general, it is not as easy as it seems, but we can help you with this.


Guest list for New Year's party at home, in the circle of friends



Anyscript for New Year 2013 at homeIt begins with a list of actors, and the scenario of the New Year's party must begin with the compilation of the list of invitees. If we are talking about a home holiday, then most often the guests are relatives and friends who will always find something to talk about with each other. This is already a plus, you do not have to acquaint everyone with each other and spend time trying to bring together complete strangers.


Finally, after finishing with the list of guests, you can proceed to the next, perhaps the most crucial stage - the search for a common topic. With close friends there is always a topic for conversation, they just need to inspire something. Knowing the interests of future guests, it is not difficult to set the theme of the party.You can do even more unusual, having arranged a thematic party, at which all those invited will be dressed in the same style.


Contests and script for the New Year 2013 with friends at home



New Year 2013 home photoWhen celebrating New Year 2013 at home, the script may well become the most important moment in the fun. After all, the situation is pretty standard, which means you have to try so that you and your guests remember this holiday for a long time.


It is likely that you will have to face the “curse of the first line” as soon as you sit down to write the script of the New Year 2013 at home with friends, then all the ideas that were circling your mind just a minute ago will simply disappear. In this case, try to resort to using the Internet, or wait for inspiration.


Of course, the new 2013 year at home, first of all, is associated with gifts. They are on a festive night waiting for children and adults. So do not be shy - give gifts! And if you also twist the script around this traditional action, then your friends, no doubt, will be able to experience indescribable delight. A fun, interesting game related to gifts, what could be better for New Year's Eve?


Scenario for New Year 2013 at home



To implement this plan you need to start with the following actions:


  1. Should buy a gift for each guest. It is perfectly acceptable for him to be purely symbolic, showing to the gifted your attention and allowing him to feel needed. Packaging is very important, because a beautifully packaged gift is a beautiful decoration in itself.
  2. It will be necessary to prepare small circles with numbers written on them. For example, if you invited 10 guests, then such circles should be 20. They should be numbered in such a way that the numbers are duplicated. After that, part of the number is attached to the gifts, and the second part is put in the box. That's all the preparatory work.

Warn those present and ready to start celebrating the guests thatthey are waiting for a very exciting evening. And after the battle of the chiming clock, drunk champagne, congratulations from the President on TV screens and the absorption of most of the dishes prepared for the evening, you can begin to entertain.


The principle of the game is quite simple. A casket rushes in front of the guests and each of them gets a number. After all the circles will be collected, and the guests will sweat a little while waiting, you take out your bag with gifts, which should be distributed in accordance with the numbers attached to them.The essence of the gameThe fact that the gifts that you purchased, focusing on the interests of each of the guests, are now distributed absolutely chaotically. Just imagine that you have chosen a set for embroidery for your enthusiastic needlework and prepared a gift, but she will not get it at all, but a book about fishing. Fate played a little with the numbers, so that the kitty floss got your friend a programmer.


New Year 2013After the disclosure of giftsYou can enjoy the comicity of the situation, and, of course, guests will also appreciate it. But before the end of the fun, another small game should be offered - advise the owners "not those»Gifts change. Guests will change among themselves until everyone gets what they want. But the exchange should be made for a reason, the payment for it will be the performance of any task. For example, a girlfriend who did not appreciate the fishing allowance on the ice, will first have to put on a bunny costume, stand on a stool and recite the children's rhyme. Guests may think for too long, so you have to be alert and give them your idea. It is better to think over the list of comedic tasks in advance, then a minute hitch will not develop into a long and tense silence.


Do not forget to take the camera, miss the faces of guests opening gifts - it's just a crime! Yes, and the further implementation of tasks for sure will be a great addition to your video collection.


Other entertainment in the New Year's Eve 2013 snake



Do not be limited to the above option.New Year 2013 script at home with friends. There are many other entertaining contests that can defuse the situation. However, you should not choose them at random, for entertainment you need a serious approach. Age of participants, their interests, even the home environment - all this must be taken into account when writing the script. It is extremely doubtful that your grandmother will be happy to dance around the Christmas tree to an incendiary melody, and a group of young people will find the Blue Spark many hours long and will want to spend the whole night in the company of the TV. You are the organizer, which means that it is your responsibility to ensure that no one is bored. Tired of young people sitting at home and a rich table does not cause them such delight? Well, invite them to walk around the festive night streets and congratulate all passersby.For those who are tired of the triumph, or prefer a warm room to night walks, there is always a soft armchair in which you can relax. If every guest of your holiday can feel most comfortable, then for sure they will all remember this home new 2013 year of the snake, as one of the best moments of your life.

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