“Saving” the hardened loaf

Surely, many people often have to deal with such a problem as stale bread. You can solve it in several ways: • throw away with other debris - you must admit, this is the most disgusting and ugly method; • crush and feed the always hungry street birds - this is a good thing; • • take risks " to reanimate "breads, using my resourcefulness. It is the third way to save bread (in my case, a loaf) that I want to offer. And so, to save a loaf, I will need a loaf, sunflower oil, sugar literally a spoon tea and 1 egg. Oh yeah, another frying pan with a lid.
Method of" salvation ": I cut the loaf in small and not thick chunks. I beat the egg with sugar in a bowl. I dip each slice in the egg mixture and put it on a heated pan and oil drizzled. As soon as the bread is fried, I turn the pieces over and close the pan.After a couple of minutes, I open and put pieces of loaf fried on both sides on a plate. Bread is saved. It turned out to be a nice sweetened dessert for tea.
 “Save” stubborn loaf ”title =“ “Save” stubborn loaf
 Bon appetit!

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