Samburskaya ridiculed fans who do not go to the gym

The actress decided to take revenge on all those who accused her of excessive masculinity.

They say that men and women go to the gym for the same ... For a beautiful female body. Nastasya Samburskaya, known to the viewer on the TV series "Interns", disappears in the trainer day and night, carrying dumbbells and doing squats under the weight of the barbell. As a result, steel muscles of the arms with raised biceps and triceps, pumped up buttocks and dice on the press.

The actress herself is more than satisfied with her body. She now and then demonstrates it in Instagram and she doesn’t refuse photo shoots in men's magazines. Why not, if you have something to show!

Anastasia Samburska photo
Anastasia in sports form ...
Photo: @samburskaya

However, among Samburskaya's subscribers there are quite a few people who consider the torso of the girl to be pumped, and her very own - masculine. Under the video with exercises or pictures from the gym, ill-wishers leave angry comments: they say, nothing is left of the woman.To wipe the nose of all the envious, Nastasya posted a photo in which she appeared in all her female beauty.

“When they ask to stop practicing in the hall, they call me a peasant and are accused of bewildered femininity, I want to strangle them, to be honest. Make me not go there, zhirzhopiki ", - signed a picture of beauty.

Anastasia Samburska photo
... and in an evening dress!
Photo: @samburskaya

Needless to say, in black nylon pantyhose and red bodysuit she really looks very hot. The photo for a couple of days gained 300,000 likes and 2,000 comments, most of which, no doubt, admired.

And Samburskaya is philosophical about the spiteful critics and their attacks.

“As a rule,“ She became like a peasant, lost all her femininity, ”those who have never been involved in sports and do not have a press, but a rather soft bulging belly, says Nastassja. - In order to pump hard, you have to fan, go on a diet and not even work, but only do sports. Not so easy to turn into a man. I like how my body has changed, I look in the mirror and I am glad. And if I wear a dress, I will look great in it! Yes, maybe my shoulders are not small, but they have always been like this, because I myself am not a shallow girl, I have a height of 178. I don’t complex about this. I have the shoulders of Batman, so I call them.As for the opinions, how to get involved, the number of subscribers in my “Instagram” (@samburskaya) was about 2.5 million! People write to me that I am an inspiring example for them. ”

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