Safe teeth whitening at home

This is the best method of teeth whitening at home. Also very simple. I will tell you how to make a natural whitening composition, with which you will need to regularly brush your teeth for a certain period. And your smile will turn white. There are no expensive or hazardous ingredients in this paste.

Composition of teeth whitening paste

  • - Toothpaste, any manufacturer. You will need a small amount, grams 5.
  • - Baking soda, half a teaspoon.
  • - A small amount of lemon peel, also grams 5. It is the top yellow layer peel, white is not needed.
  • - A small amount of orange peel, also gram 5. It is the top yellow (orange) layer, white is not needed.
All the proportions are approximate and taken by eye.

Making a tooth whitening composition

Using a fine float, we scrape off a thin top layer of lemon and orange peel. Take a small mixing cup. Put a little toothpaste.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Then we add lemon zest.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Adding orange zest.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Mix and get such a consistency with large inclusions, this is normal. It is not necessary to shallow very small.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Whitening paste ready.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Take the paste with your fingers and put it on a toothbrush. We brush our teeth with quick movements. The cleaning time is about 1-2 minutes, but no more. You should brush your teeth with such paste within one week, once a day. I do this before going to bed at night.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Tooth color before use: Safe teeth whitening at home
Safe teeth whitening at home
My result after a week of use. My smile is almost perfectly white.
Safe teeth whitening at home
Safe teeth whitening at home

Recommendations for use

Even when using such a safe composition, it is recommended to consult with your dentist to avoid possible adverse effects. Since every human body is individual and unpredictable. If after one week the result does not suit you, then the procedure can be repeated in two weeks. Even your teeth will not become completely white, then not a couple of tones whitening will be guaranteed that it is also very good. It is advisable not to store such a composition, but always to do it immediately before use. In principle, the bleaching effect is visible after the first application.

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