Rosemary oil - recipe

Rosemary Oil PhotoRosemary oil - recipe

Storage:8 months at a temperature of 1-20 ° C


1 bottle with a screw cap, 750 ml .;

2 branches of rosemary by 20 cm;

750 ml of sunflower oil.


Rosemary oil - recipe



1. Wash the branches of rosemary, shake it dry, tie it in a bun and dry it for 2 days in a purged, dry and shady place. Stems forward to insert into the bottle, pour oil and close. Let it stand.


2. After 3 weeks, pour the oil into a strainer. Rosemary squeeze and discard. Pour the oil into the bottle through the funnel, close the bottle.


3. Butter the beef, lamb, veal and turkey meat, marinate for several hours or days, and later grill or fry.


4. Season with minced meat oil and fry small potatoes in butter in a bowl. Use as a seasoning for dishes from mushrooms and tomatoes, to meat salad and lettuce from leafy vegetables.

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