Review of popular dietary supplements fish oil

In the last century, fish oil was a mandatory supplement to the diet of children and adults, and the best way to strengthen the immune system. Over time, his popularity declined, and replaced by the concept of omega-3 acids, the source of which is precisely the same fish oil. But around the benefits of this product have long been arguing, because of its choice and purchase should be treated very carefully. We are pleased to share with you a list of popular brands and their small overview.

Childhood memories

As part of fish oil are essential for the body vitamins and mineral complexes, in particular polyunsaturated omega-3 acids. Their organism cannot synthesize itself, therefore the only way out is to receive them with food.

These substances are useful in helping to reduce the level of "harmful" cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, improve the nervous and immune system, brain, reduce the risk of developing artes and arthrosis, positively affect the skin condition.

And before moving on to the ranking of the best dietary supplements based on fish oil, we’ll share with you some general tips on choosing one of these:

  1. Raw material Do not be lazy before buying carefully examine the inscription on the label. The cheapest option is cod liver. But not the best. Choose a product that is made from fish meat. Especially valuable is that which is obtained from the red rocks. It costs significantly more than the usual, but at the same time there are more benefits from it.
  2. Form release. If you purchase a product in a glass bottle, make sure that it is dark in color and the liquid in it reaches as far as the top of the neck. Since the additive is less in contact with air, which means it preserves its beneficial properties better.

Tablets and capsules are convenient because they do not cause any discomfort when consumed and do not have a characteristic fishy smell.

  1. Manufacturer country. The most high-quality products are considered to be the American and Norwegian manufacturers who are very closely monitoring the cleaning of raw materials.
  2. Medical or not? If the additive is made from high-quality raw materials, on the label it is often indicated by the specification of "medical" fat."Food" and "veterinary" will have less pronounced effectiveness.

Pharmacy abundance

In almost every pharmacy, you will be offered several product options containing valuable omega-3 acids. But which of them should be preferred? We present our review:

Omega-3 Fish Oil, Solgar

High-quality American product, which is obtained from salmon fish. Does not contain any extra additives like gluten and wheat. Cleared of all harmful impurities. The only drawback - a high price (about 1000 rubles.), But paying attention to the fact that this is a premium segment product, it is fully justified.

Cod Liver Oil, Carlson Labs

This dietary supplement is made by the Norwegian company. The raw material is fish that live in the cold waters of Norway. And they, as you know, are one of the most environmentally friendly places in the world. In the process of manufacturing, the raw material is subject to minimal processing, which allows the maximum preservation of all useful substances.

Another plus is the availability of products with various additives. Zinc, vitamin D3 and other components allow you to choose a complex according to your needs. As with the previous version, Carlson Labs fish oil is also an expensive pleasure - 650-1000 rubles.

Omega 3, My Protein

This bestseller from the British manufacturer of biological additives My Protein. Available in the form of soft capsules, convenient for oral administration. Raw materials are obtained from carcasses of Peruvian anchovy.

There is also a highly concentrated complex of Super Omega 3, containing up to 760 mg of valuable raw material in each capsule. Price ranges from 850 to 1000 rubles.

Biafishenol salmon, BioFarm

One of the best products of domestic production, which is obtained as a result of minimal processing of muscle raw materials of salmon fishes living in the cold waters of the Arctic. In the process of making fish oil is additionally enriched with vitamin E. But it is worth noting that the drug belongs to the category of “food”.

Take this supplement is allowed from 14 years. The price is about 150 rubles.

Fish oil, BioContour

Note that there is the concept of "fish" and "fish" fat. The difference is the level of omega-3 acids. In fish oil, their concentration is low, but there are a lot of vitamins in it, and in fish oil of this irreplaceable polyunsaturated element contains 15-30%. It is fish oil that is needed to replenish omega-3.

The basis of BioContour products is fish oil.About 15 variants of products with additional components (valerian, blueberry, calendula, milk thistle, etc.) help in the prevention and treatment of various problems.

Fish oil is an incredibly useful and one of the simplest substances that can comprehensively improve the condition of the body. But before you make a purchase, do not be lazy to pay attention to the label, and then the acquisition will really bring the desired effect. Be healthy!

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