Regular nausea in the morning. The causes of the pathology

Regular nausea in the morning. The causes of the pathologyThe most common cause of this ailment is an “interesting position." If a pregnant nausea in the morning - this should not be a reason for panic, because the condition provokes a toxicosis that develops in the first trimester of pregnancy. This pathology is not dangerous. But it happens that nausea in the morning is observed in an ordinary person. What to do in this case? If this condition does not pass a long time, you should consult a therapist who will help understand why it makes you sick in the morning, because it can be very dangerous to health.

Why in the morning sick: the causes of the pathology. Diseases of the digestive tract

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, do not abuse alcohol, fast food, but start to notice this unpleasant symptom, you should be alert. Analyze your condition to see why you get sick in the morning.

First of all, the cause can be a stomach disease that provokes this pathology, which is only a consequence of such illnesses as

  • gastritis;
  • gastroduodenitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • peptic ulcer and others

As a rule, nausea with such illnesses, increases after meals. Such unpleasant symptoms appear as:

  • heaviness in the stomach;
  • heartburn;
  • burning sensation in the epigastrium.

Regular nausea in the morning. The causes of the pathology

The exact cause will help establish a number of medical procedures. You will need to do:

  • Ultrasound of the abdominal organs;
  • gastrofibroscopy;
  • blood test.
    1. In case of pancreatitis the patient becomes sick in the morning, there is also belching. The stomach is distended, and aching pains appear in the left or right hypochondrium. There may be a "breakdown" of the stomach, bitter in the mouth.
    2. When appendicitis is observed sustained pain in the right abdomen and nausea. Do not drink painkillers and antiemetic - immediately contact your doctor, call an ambulance.
    3. When poisoning, as well as intestinal infection, too, there is nausea. These are very common causes of nausea in the morning, because the body rejects poisons. There is general weakness, tremor of the extremities, there is diarrhea,may increase body temperature.
    4. If you regularly suffer from nausea in the morning, the causes can be in the disease of the gallbladder. There may also be nausea, accompanied by abdominal rash, pain in the right hypochondrium, heartburn, and the like.Regular nausea in the morning. The causes of the pathology

Why sick in the morning: other causes of pathology

If you feel nauseous in the morning, but with the organs of the digestive tract, everything is in order, then it can be in migraine, concussion, meningitis. At the same time dizziness is noted.

Taking medication can have such a side effect as nausea in the morning.

Hypertension can also have a similar symptom. With heart failure or heart attack, nausea is observed. Also the patient can hiccup, he becomes pale, his feeling of stuffiness disturbs him.

It should be noted, and problems with the thyroid gland, which are accompanied not only nausea, but also drowsiness, fatigue, there is an increase in weight during normal diet, memory problems are found.Regular nausea in the morning. The causes of the pathology

As you can see, the reasons may be different, so immediately consult a specialist for advice. It would seem that the usual nausea in the morning, but the reasons can be very different - from minor to serious, and without medical assistance here can not do.

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