Red skirt - a bright detail for the real fashionista

Red is the color of passion, fire, warmth and, of course, sexuality. That is why things of this color always draw attention to themselves, and make a woman many times more attractive. But not everyone dares to wear such bold clothing, especially if the wardrobe item is a skirt. That is why we decided to give you some practical advice that will help you find the perfect option that will emphasize your merits exclusively.

To each his own

Before you make sets, you should pay special attention to the rules for choosing a red skirt, because it is because of its brightness, it can visually make a woman fuller.

To choose the right style, it is worth basing on the type of your body:

  1. For the figure "apple" fit a straight cut or A-silhouette. The ideal option is to wear it with a dark top.
  2. For girls with wide hips, stylists are advised to choose a pencil skirt or a maxi version with a belt.
  3. If this is a type of “pear” in which the hips are very full, a flared skirt, up to or slightly below the knee, will help to balance them with overall proportions.But it is better to wear it with blouses / shirts that have a print, it will divert excessive attention from the hips.
  4. Girls with wide shoulders and narrow hips (“inverted triangle”) can afford curvaceous styles, and for special occasions they can even be made of tulle (tutu-skirts).
  5. Hourglass - the perfect figure for a bright bottom. Any cut in this case would be appropriate.

Such different images

The main thing to remember when creating a fashionable bow is that a bright skirt will always be the main thing of any ensemble. This should be taken into account when selecting other items of clothing and accessories so as not to overload the image.

It is also important to feel the measure if you want to add a little sexuality. By itself, the red skirt is already an object attracting attention, so give up deep decollete, transparent blouses and tops.

Now let's find out what can be combined with it:

Flared sun. Perhaps this is the most playful style, with which you can create a great romantic image. To do this, it is enough to combine a bright bottom with a light blouse and tops. Sandals on a low wide heel are suitable for summer shoes, but you will have to forget about sandals at low speed.

Harmoniously it will look like the top and shoes of the same tone, for example, beige or gold.

In the cold season, the flared skirt becomes more versatile, it can be safely combined with delicate knitted sweaters, boots, and even sneakers with a leather jacket.

Pencil skirt. The easiest option - a blouse or shirt with a neutral shade - beige, white, black, brown. A more interesting image can be obtained by adding a vest shirt to the skirt. Stylists recommend in this case to move away from the usual white and blue colors, and choose a strip of yellow, black, red color schemes. Visually narrow waist will help thin belt.

Women with perfect shapes can afford to wear a high-waisted satin model and a one-piece bodysuit.

To create a casual style, you can combine a bright bottom, and a less catchy, but very comfortable top — a T-shirt + cardigan. Complement all high-boots.

Tutu. Do not be afraid of such a thing, thinking that in it you will look like Barbie. But here girls with magnificent forms wear it and, however, do not need it, otherwise you risk to look like a fairy who has eaten buns. Age restrictions are also there, you should not get involved in such clothes after 35 years.

Such a thing is perfect for parties, celebrations and even corporate parties with colleagues.It is best to wear it with tight-fitting tops, but if you decide to wear a free blouse, you should definitely emphasize the waistline with a belt.

For more informal exits, a turtleneck and sneakers are suitable.

Long. A red skirt in the floor is an excellent basic thing with which you can create a festive look or a casual bow. It will suit women with any figure, perfectly hiding flaws.

In a pair, you can pick up a black jacket, or even a leather jacket, from shoes - ballet flats, shoes or shoes.

In the summer with such models are well combined simple t-shirts with a deflated shoulders. Large wooden ornaments will help to dilute the image.

But in winter, no one also prohibits wearing a long red skirt; women of fashion have long ago learned how to competently combine it with a coat and coats.

Short. This model is suitable only for slim girls. She will look stylish with close-fitting tops, which can be refilled, blouses and shirts of classic style, as well as T-shirts that bare one shoulder.

From shoes it is best to choose shoes or sandals on a low wide heel. Closed-toe wedge shoes will also look beautiful.But boots and boots / high-heeled shoes are prohibited.

As for color, the red mini goes well with black shirts, jumpers and cardigans in white, as well as pale yellow tunics.

And the last thing worth mentioning is tights. Black is "contraindicated" in all cases, if it is a bright red thing. They will be relevant only with a burgundy and rich red skirt.

With each new season, the fashion for colors and clothes changes, but red still remains the favorite of many designers. And if earlier it was believed that the red skirt is the lot of femme fatales, today, even the biggest prudes can wear it, just having chosen the right set.

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