Quiz Test: 10 Amazing Snow Facts

snow-1918794_960_720Photo source: pxhere.com

Snow - these are small ice crystals with unique properties. The subtle game of faces has inspired many creative people and scientists to succeed. Snowflakes are researched by entire laboratories.
The beauty of the glittering white veil on familiar landscapes transforms the view beyond recognition and does not leave anyone indifferent. For plants, such a blanket is reliable protection against freezing. Children are happy about the first snow, because it is the forerunner of hundreds of fun games and fun.

Along with benefit, behind the glittering beauty, danger lurks. In the mountains, where the atmosphere layer is thinner and the intensity of the sun's rays is higher, the reflection of light from the snow can cause a retinal burn. Another severe elemental phenomenon is avalanches.

What secrets hide habitual sediments? Can you tell facts from fiction? Take a quiz and find out what role snow plays for you.

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