Quick ways to get rid of irritability

The feeling of irritability appears as a reaction to a certain, provoking human factor. It can be anything - a person, an event, an object, a sound and much more. Another thing is that with such an unpleasant emotion is not always able to cope productively. In addition, at a certain point, a person may notice that such a phenomenon has become a “frequent guest” and with this it is necessary to do something.

Where does it come from?

Usually irritability indicates the presence of some problems, less often it is a feature of the person's psychotype. For some reason, people are sometimes annoying all around?

  1. Nervous exhaustion. A busy schedule at work, constant stress, deadlines, responsibility and the minimum time for rest with time lead to the fact that even an ordinary innocent question can cause a flurry of negative emotions.
  2. Psychological problems. Unpleasant events, the crisis of family relations, quarrels, dissatisfaction with themselves, the level of life - these experiences make a person overly emotional.
  3. Treatment.Patients do not always read the instructions for use of the drug, and doctors do not always warn about their side effects. Therefore, if you notice that everything around you is infuriating, you may be taking medicines that can cause such states.
  4. Diseases. It turns out that heart disease, gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system can also lead to a splash of aggression on others. Changes in hormonal levels may also have such side effects, which is particularly pronounced during pregnancy.

What to do?

But since such a problem has appeared, there must be ways to get rid of it:

  1. Identify and "neutralize" the cause. For a start, it is necessary to clearly define what or who specifically causes negative emotions in you. Next, your task is to eliminate this factor: stop communicating with an unpleasant person, do not watch programs / movies / news that provoke anxiety. Thus, you significantly clear the information field around you.
  2. Get enough sleep. Strong and healthy sleep is a pledge of well-being and cheerfulness, so find the right amount of hours for yourself, and forget about work and social networks for the night.
  3. Breathe.Fresh air is simply necessary for full-fledged work of the body, in addition, oxygen helps the brain "not to boil." And control your breathing. At the moment when you are ready to crush everything around, it becomes more frequent, if you focus on it in time and begin to breathe evenly and deeply, the emotions will subside.
  4. Direct the energy in the right direction. If you, for example, are forced to sit in an office over papers all day, then monotony will quickly make itself felt. The nature of a person has a need for movement and calorie consumption, so if you feel that the excess energy overflows, take walks or sign up for the gym, dance, etc.
  5. Eat right. Diets are based on strict restrictions, but the body’s failure to receive certain substances threatens both with physical and mental exhaustion. If you feel that the state has deteriorated after another attempt to lose weight, look for other options.
  6. Rest properly. How does a modern man usually rest? Sitting behind a TV, computer, tablet, phone. And you need to change the situation and actively spend time, then negative emotions will necessarily be replaced by positive ones.
  7. Half an hour of silence.It is the amount of time a person needs a day to put his thoughts in order. When there is fuss around, a lot of people, traffic, it's annoying. Give yourself the opportunity to eliminate all external factors, relax and think about something good.
  8. Think of what makes you happy. Ideally, you need to make a list of those things that bring you pleasure and look into it more often in order to carry out the indicated items at least several times a week.
  9. Visit a doctor. If you do not get rid of irritability, pass the examination. Perhaps the problem lies inside. In girls, such states can be caused by hormonal imbalance and activation of the state of irritation before and during menstruation.

Emotional state is an important factor directly influencing health and well-being, and therefore also requires attention. Getting rid of irritability is not difficult at all, the main thing is to listen to yourself in time.

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