Pros and cons of a round bed

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. And so that it not only performs the function of a sleeping place, but also is a bright and interesting accent of the room, pay attention to the round models.

What are round beds?

For a start, it is worth considering the main types of round beds. If we take the age criterion as a basis, we can single out models for adults, children, and also for newborns. They can vary not only in size and design, but also in functionality.

If the method of accommodation is taken as the basis for the classification, then stationary and more unusual suspended beds are distinguished. The first ones are placed on the floor, and the second ones are hung up and fixed to the ceiling with the help of special fixings. In the second case, the bed seems to float in the air, and this gives the interior uniqueness. But such an extravagant and complex placement is not always possible.

Based on the design features, two main types can be distinguished: a standard bed and a modern transforming bed.The first is a monolithic bed in a solid frame and mattress. But transforming models can change the configuration and perform several functions at once. For example, on sale you can find children's transforming beds that can be used as a cradle or a cradle for newborns, a playpen, a sofa and a full bed.

And some complex designs allow you to organize a table with two chairs. It also becomes possible to change the height of the bottom position with a mattress. As for the options for adults, on sale you can find comfortable sofa beds.

Also, the beds vary in design and can be concise and restrained or bright, creative and interestingly decorated.

Consider the pros and cons

You should start with the advantages that a round bed has:

  • This item is absolutely sure to occupy a central place in the interior of the bedroom, transform the design and bring a highlight to it. Such models look outside the box and very original, so you get the opportunity to decorate the room exquisitely and exclusively.
  • A round bed will provide maximum comfort during sleep, as you can sit on it by any means, especially one person.
  • Since the models in question do not have sharp corners, they minimize the risk of injury, which is especially important if there are small children in the house.
  • The round bed will fit into many bright and modern styles, such as high-tech hi-tech, creative pop art, a kind of avant-garde, sophisticated modern.

Now let's list the shortcomings:

  • Most non-standard round models have a high cost, much higher than the price of the more usual rectangular beds. Not everyone can afford such a piece of furniture.
  • Round bed takes up a lot of space. In addition, it will not be possible to place it in a corner and push it right against the wall, so the area of ​​free space will be significantly reduced. Only owners of spacious bedrooms should choose such models.
  • At first, the sleeper may experience some discomfort due to an unusual and unusual shape. And if the bed belongs to two people, they may encounter inconveniences, because the area decreases to the edges.
  • For a round bed is not easy to pick up bed linen. First, it is not sold in all stores, and secondly, it is much more expensive than the standard one.

How to make the right choice?

When buying an unusual round bed should consider several criteria:

  1. Dimensions. They are determined based on the area of ​​the bedroom, as well as age, build and number of sleeping. So, the bed with a diameter less than 2 meters will be suitable for the organization of a children's or teenage berth. A diameter of 2 meters corresponds roughly to a standard single rectangular bed. If the figure is 2.5 m, then the item will replace a narrow double bed (up to 180 centimeters). And if you want to get a comfortable and wide berth for two, then choose a model with a diameter of 2.8 m. But remember that a large and bulky bed will not fit into a small bedroom and will occupy almost all the free space.
  2. The presence of the podium. The mattress can be immersed in the frame and is close to the floor surface or it can be placed on the podium (it usually has a round shape and identical dimensions, but it can be less than a berth, go beyond it, or have a slightly different outline).
  3. The presence of free space under the mattress.In the niche you can store clothes, which will save space. You can also find in the sale of comfortable models with drawers.
  4. The presence of the head. On the one hand, it provides comfort, but, on the other hand, it is not always necessary, since it is possible to settle down on a round bed by any means.
  5. Materials Modern furniture items are made of wood, high-quality chipboard, metal and even plastic.

If you decide to purchase an original round bed, then first weigh the pros and cons, select the appropriate option and consider the location of such a piece of furniture in the bedroom.

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