Proper dressing gown: warm, comfortable and beautiful

After a hard day’s work, when you have to walk for hours not in the most comfortable, sometimes even squeezing or synthetic clothes, you want to come home to feel relaxed and comfortable.

It is possible to get such sensations with the help of comfortable home clothes, having dressed in soft covers of which you can let your body breathe every cell.

For bright girls

For home recreation or, on the contrary, active homework, the best way is suitable a special kind of “uniform”, which we used to refer to as a bathrobe. With great pleasure they choose such clothes, both the female half and men, besides this, there are even whole children's lines.

Now it’s already quite difficult to imagine that such homewear once did not exist at all, and even if it was, it was rather festive or “on the way out”.

Where did the tendency to wear dressing gowns come from, because now without such a homely “uniform” is it difficult to imagine any female and sometimes even men's wardrobe?

It turns out that, like most clothes, the first models, similar to robes, were created in the times of the Ancient East, then they were considered the subject of outerwear, and at the peak of popularity were silk fabrics, which at that time were considered healing.

The style should be comfortable

Over time, such a style of clothing migrated to Turkey and India, where it still remained outerwear, and only noble and very wealthy people could afford such an “extravagance”, because at that time dressing gowns embroidered with gold, precious stones and thin embroidery.

A robe went to our lands during the time of Peter I, then it remained a very expensive item, only with time, after the fall of the communist parties, beautiful and neat dressing gowns became the subject of household and comfortable use.

Indeed, in their times, expensive and beautiful bathrobes were considered “remnants of the bourgeois past,” which is why it was not at all accepted to wear them. It is good that in our time, such comfortable homewear is very successfully accepted by society, a huge number of different models and styles can satisfy even the most sophisticated and exaggerated taste preferences.

Choosing a dressing gown, it turns out, is not so easy, because such clothes should not only be comfortable, but also emphasize your main character traits. How not cool, but on a man's home clothes you can tell a lot about him, which is why it is so important to choose the right and characteristic model for you.

We choose the right robe for ourselves

It turns out that in order not to be mistaken when choosing such clothes, it is necessary to take into account all the main features of a good robe: the quality of the product, the material, the manufacturer, and, of course, the features of the style, cut and color that should fully fit your image.

As it is not difficult to guess, first of all, the quality of any clothes will depend on the material itself, this very moment will indicate the degree of its durability.

Of course, natural fabrics such as cotton, silk or satin are considered the most comfortable, comfortable and cozy for the body. However, such models are often quite expensive and are not suitable for everyday household chores, it is easier to stay here on synthetic substitutes that are easier to wash, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive.The only thing in such things in the summer is too hot, but in the winter they are not warm.

In this version, you will not freeze

But, how not to twist, progress goes forward, new developments appear that represent synthetic fabrics, which in their properties are very close to natural ones.

For example, here you can include modern material - a modal, which is characterized by increased softness, strength and hygroscopicity, models from it are durable and of high quality. The disadvantage is its relatively high cost.

If you choose a bathrobe for yourself, then natural terry fabric will suit you best. Representatives of such a homely “uniform” are distinguished by increased softness and comfort, as well as thermal insulation, often such bathrobes are equipped with a hood, which is very convenient after taking a hot bath or shower, especially if it is cold in the room. The composition of the terry fabric may include 100% cotton, flax, bamboo and other natural impurities.

By the way, bamboo cloth robes are very popular now, because bamboo is considered a good natural antiseptic that can kill a heavy proportion of microbes and bacteria.

In addition, they are characterized by increased silkiness and durability. For summer home evenings or romantic dates, cute silk or satin dressing gowns are suitable - such models are a real luxury and beauty in one bottle.

They are cool enough, soft and cozy, pleasant to the touch, most often such models are draped with decorative embroidery, they are given a feminine and sexy silhouettes. Such a dressing gown can hardly be called a “home-made robe” for homework, such clothes can compete in their elegance and sophistication with other, “weekend” styles.

Silk looks sexy

The next criterion, which, of course, excites many, is the cost, because these are the clothes that you always want to save. Remember, if you want to always like your sweetheart, and also to feel in such clothes as “at home”, then this is not the place where you can not pay extra.

Of course, the price of dressing gowns, in many respects, depends on their length: long ones are more expensive, short ones are shorter, but the main determining factor is, nevertheless, the quality of the fabric from which the product is sewn. Now that you have decided on the material and the amount of funds that you can spend on your coziness, it's time to choose a style and color.

Remember that the neckline with the letter “V” visually lengthens the silhouette and ennobles the neck, however, too frank decolletage is not always appropriate at home. Long models “to the floor” are not suitable for low girls and men, it is better for them to dwell on the options “just below the knee”.

Particularly fragile young ladies can add a little volume due to ruches, flounces and light waves, which are formed by undercuts or a belt. For those who do not like to constantly recover, it is better to choose models of robes with buttons or zippers - they are always well fixed and do not fidget anywhere, unlike a belt or ties.

Coloring and prints, of course, depend on your taste preferences and color type. Naturally, lighter tones look noble and festive: beige, white, cream, milky, but they are not always practical. Most often for a house dressing, women stop at more muted tones: red, dark orange, brown, blue, malachite or crimson.

By the way, some women prefer to sew bathrobes with their own hands, so they turn out exactly those that meet all their requirements and desires.If you like to do such things, then sew a robe - it is not difficult, and most importantly - useful!

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