Prom Dresses for Little Princesses

In our modern world, it is customary to arrange graduation balls not only at the end of 9th and 11th grades, but also to spend evenings in 4th grade and even in kindergarten. A very important question is how to choose a dress for a little girl? After all, this is a joyful and very exciting event for her, which will be remembered for many years. In the article you will find popular models of children's dresses of 2015, and also read tips on choosing a dress.

Little lady goes to the ball

Graduation in kindergarten - this is the first real ball in the life of your baby. Of course, the daughter still can not choose her own prom dress, so this task falls on Mom's shoulders. Six-year-olds love to play fairy princess, so why not turn her into the image of your favorite character? Just remember the main rule: ball gorgeous dresses go slim girls with delicate features. The photo shows models of dresses for real princesses.Fluffy skirts, delicate colors, fitted bodice. Agree, just charming!

You can choose a classic white dress. However, think carefully, because young children can get dirty and spoil the outfit. So that the daughter does not look like a bride, decorate the dress with various decorations and a ribbon. Of course, shoes should be without a heel, it will be difficult for a child to play on an unstable sole.

As for the material, the designers advise choosing velvet, silk, satin. In color, give preference to light shades: pink, blue, lilac. Also became relevant sand and coffee color. It is better to abstain from black and dark blue.

Dresses for elementary school graduates

At the age of 10, the daughter already has her own ideas about beauty and style, so talk to the girl and find out exactly what she wants to go on a holiday. Go shopping, let her make her own choice. The dress should not be too long. Choose a model to the knee or slightly below. As a rule, in elementary school they arrange various games, contests and dances, and a long skirt will only get lost in the legs and interfere with movement. Avoid the neckline, open shoulders, tight fitting dresses. Shoes are best picked at a steady small heels. Choose baby decorations.Agree, gold rings and bracelets will look inappropriate.

In 2015, the style “Fish” was at the peak of popularity. This outfit is more suitable for slim schoolgirls, perfectly emphasizing the figure. In general, lush dress with open knees is in fashion. See how the young model in the photo looks fabulous.

Many designers offer to choose an outfit for a ten-year-old beauty in the Greek style. Such a light dress will suit absolutely all girls.

As for the color range, the designers in their collections focus on warm colors. Of course, it is important to take into account the wishes of her daughter, perhaps she has a favorite color in clothes. Blondes are better to choose blue, pink and snow-white outfits, and dark-haired beauties prefer emerald, olive and purple shades.

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