Profitable credit card

A credit card, with reasonable use, is a universal means of payment, allowing you to save time and make the necessary purchases without thinking about cash in your wallet.


Cash back is a return of a part of the spent funds to the card account. The mechanism for making profit with a credit card is simple and straightforward: a customer pays for goods and services with a card with a cash back option, and a certain percentage of the amount of each purchase the bank returns back to the card. The value of this percentage depends on the specific bank, card type, amount spent, certain shares in retail outlets and a number of other points. It seems a trifle, but nice! Especially for those who had never imagined that a credit card can generate cash flow. So, with the active use of "plastic" for the year, you can earn a few thousand rubles and compensate, for example, the annual payment for servicing your card.


A cash back credit card has a number of advantages over other cards: for example, having made the first purchases with a card for a certain amount,you can get a nice welcome bonus to your card account, and by the end of the year (based on the entire amount returned to you), even a special annual bonus. By the way, Citibank has become a pioneer in the segment of credit cards with a cash back function in Russia.


The process of processing a cash card with cash back is no different from receiving a regular credit card. The client leaves the online application form on the site, after which the operator will necessarily call him back. Then, with the help of a bank employee who can drive to any convenient place, the client fills out an application and provides a package of documents for the bank. And in the case of a positive decision receives a profitable "plastic". The conditions for processing credit cards are detailed on the bank’s website in the appropriate section. Before submitting an application, be sure to study the bank's tariffs, the cost of annual service, additional options and conditions for calculating the money returned. If the proposed options are right for you - feel free to get a credit card!

Advertising - With the help of credit cards you can not only pay for goods on the Internet, utilities, but also receive various discounts and bonuses.Moreover, many banks continue to introduce additional options that make life easier for the owner of plastic money. We will tell you how to choose a credit card with cash back function.

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